List of 2019 action films

List of 2019 action films

2019 is set to be a year for the movie geniuses. So many great moves will premiere that we are unsure of whether we will be able to afford paying for movie tickets. I guess some of us will just have to wait and stream the movies months after they are released. Here is a list of 2019 action films that will surely rock our world.

list of 2019 action films

It can be said that we just cannot wait any longer to watch some of the 2019 action movies. We have watched the trailers numerous of times, and we just cannot take the wait any longer.

List of 2019 action films

In 2019, the following action films are set to premiere:

  1. Captain Marvel
  2. Avengers: Endgame
  3. Dark Phoenix
  4. Shazam!
  5. Hellboy
  6. The New Mutants
  7. Aladdin
  8. The Lion King
  9. Hobbs and Shaw
  10. Cold Pursuit
  11. Zombieland 2
  12. Son of Shaft
  13. Angel Has Fallen
  14. Dumbo
  15. Terminator

List of 2017 action films

Actions films released in 2017 continued to amaze through their quality and the storylines attached to them. Some of action movies best all time characters were featured in some of the most epic action movies in 2017. Action movies all-time best stars, stars who are Oscar-caliber and new upcoming actors were featured in a lot of movies. Action films top 10 list featured moves that incorporated comedy into action and the results were stupendous. Here is an action films top 10 of 2017;

Blade Runner (8.2/10)

This particular film sees the emergence of an LAPD Officer emerging as the new blade runner. He stumbles upon an important secret that has been long-buried and which possesses the potential to plunge the remnants of society into chaos. This discovery leads him on a search to find Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford), a former blade runner who has been missing for the past 30 years.


The end to the Wolverine solo film was the movie ‘Logan’. Here, Logan takes care of Professor X at a remote outpost in the Mexican-American boarder. Logan is weary and Professor X is ailing. Logan meets a young mutant girl with the same ability as him and he now has to protect her from the dark forces that want to capture her. This forces him to abandon his plans of staying hidden from the outside world.

list of 2019 action films


It is based on the events of the Dunkirk evacuation of World War 2 In 1940. The German army advances into France. They manage to push the allied forces back and they eventually trap them in the Dunkirk beaches. The British and French forces work together in evacuating the soldiers. They offer air and ground cover. All serviceable naval and civilian vessels from the allied countries that could be found were used in the evacuation. The evacuation was slow and methodical and a total of 330,000 Allied forces soldiers were safely evacuated.

Thor Rangarok(8.0/10)

The mighty Thor is imprisoned on the other side of the universe. He is pitted against his former ally and Avenger, the Hulk, in a gladiatorial battle. As he looks to survive, he is also fighting against time as he tries to ensure that Asgardian civilization is not annihilated and his home destroyed by the powerful Hela.

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Baby Driver(7.7/10)

Baby (Ansell Elgort) is a young and talented getaway driver who credits his driving prowess to his personal soundtrack. He finds love and wishes to stop being a getaway driver. He is forced to work for a crime boss (Kevin Spacey) and a doomed heist that he takes part in threatens his life, his freedom and his chance of love.

list of 2019 action films

Guardians of The Galaxy vol. 2(7.7/10)

The Sovereigns hire the Guardians to help protect their batteries from other invaders. Rocket steals the items they were hired to guard and The sovereign get wind of the news. They send their armada to seek vengeance. As the Guardians are on the run, the percentage of Peter which had been a mystery is revealed.

Star Wars The Last Jedi(7.5/10)

Luke Shywalker encounters a young woman, Ray, who displays strong signs of the force. She is eager to learn the ways of the Jedi force. He is forced to make a decision whether to keep on living his solitary life or change.

list of 2019 action films

Spiderman Homecoming(7.5/10)

Spiderman is back at his hometown from being with the Avengers. He is faced with a challenge to try and save his home when an evil vulture suffices.

Wonder Woman(7.5/10)

Princess of the Amazons, a warrior trained to be unconquerable, leaves her kingdom for the first time after meeting an American pilot who tells her of the conflict raging in the outside world. She agrees to assist end the war and joins forces with men.

list of 2019 action films

Wars of the Planet of Apes(7.5/10)

Cesar and his apes face a ruthless colonel (Woodey Harelson) after being forced into war by an army of humans. Cesar, now controlled by his darker instinct, seeks to avenge his kind. They will face off in a final battle that will determine the future of the two species.

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Below are other action movies names of the movies that did not make top 10 but are worth watching;

  • John Wick 2 (7.5/10)
  • The Foreigner(7.1/10)
  • Justice League(7.0/10)
  • Kingsman: The Golden Circle(6.9/10)
  • Kong Skull Island(6.7/10)
  • Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tails(6.7/10)
  • Atomic Blonde(6.7/10)
  • American Assassin(6.2/10)
  • Sleepless(5.6/10)
  • Return Of Xander Cage(5.2/10)

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