List of 2016 Action Films

List of 2016 Action Films

Action films have over the years been the main center of interest of many. Compared to other genres, action films are among the best-selling films in the industry right now. We have compiled a list of action films that really did well in 2016.

List of 2016 Action Films


Rating 8.0/10

List of 2016 Action Films

A hired mercenary becomes subject to an illegal experiment leaving him unnatural powers and healing capabilities. Its intense use of stunts and fight scenes led it into the action movies list. Also, the side effects include aging, he embarks on a vengeful mission of payback for the people responsible.

Captain America Civil War

Rating 7.8/10

List of 2016 Action Films

Arguably, one of the best all time action movies. The Avengers are separated into two different teams headed by Iron Man and Captain America due to differences in handling grave matters that pose a threat to the national security.

Suicide Squad

Rating 6.0/10

List of 2016 Action Films

When the world is faced with an impending apocalypse, it’s up to the government to release some of their most dangerous criminals to help save the world. The prisoners have to fight in order to gain their freedom.

Batman v Superman; Dawn of Justice

Rating: 6.6/10

List of 2016 Action Films

Probably one of the all-time best action movies pitching the world’s greatest superheroes. Batman feels that the Superman causes a threat to the world due to his actions. The rest of the world watches on as their favorite superheroes tear each other apart.

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London Has Fallen

Rating 5.9/10

List of 2016 Action Films

The most powerful leaders in the world gather at the Prime Minister’s burial. Some unknown take hostage of the scenario and wreck the city apart. It’s up to one of the secret service agents to save the Commander in Chief from the terrorists.

Now You See Me 2

Rating 6.5/10

List of 2016 Action Films

After a successful heist in their previous sequel, the Four Horsemen are back together. They are hired by a genius and tasked to plot one of the biggest heists in the history of mankind. Will they successfully carry it out?

Gods of Egypt

Rating 5.4/10

List of 2016 Action Films

The world is in chaos, as the god of darkness has taken over the throne. The survival of mankind depends on the allegiance of a mortal and a powerful god. The battleground is in another dimension away from earth.



List of 2016 Action Films

A journey to find peace is traveled by Tris and Four away from what they used to call home. They learn of new things that have been kept from the people while inside. Their love, sacrifice, and allegiance are tested beyond limits.

X Men Apocalypse

Rating 7.0/10

List of 2016 Action Films

The world is in immense danger after the resurrection of its first mutant. He is hell-bent on creating a new world order with humans as slaves. It is up to a small battalion of young X-men soldiers to save the world from the reign of immortal Apocalypse.


Rating 6.3/10

List of 2016 Action Films

It made its way up to the top 10 action films. A rogue prisoner undergoes a rogue experiment where the memories of an agent are transferred to him. He has the knowledge of where some missile has been planted. It is up to him to prevent an international incident from happening.

13 Hours

Rating 7.3/10

List of 2016 Action Films

In the wake of a terrorist attack which leaves some U.S. dignitaries dead, former soldiers are called to action to protect the remaining operatives from the attack.

Jason Bourne

Rating 6.6/10

List of 2016 Action Films

A mission is set up to find one of the rogue members who left the agency 10 years ago. Jason Bourne finds himself in the middle of another quest to prevent a criminal network from taking over.

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Mechanic Resurrection

Rating: 5.7/10

List of 2016 Action Films

After retiring, a rogue assassin is brought back to work after the love of her life is kidnapped. He is forced to kill three people in order to get his love back. However, he turns the table around on those who abducted his wife.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

Rating 6.1/10

List of 2016 Action Films

Jack Reacher is forced to prove that his old commander is innocent. He embarks on a journey to reveal a conspiracy by the government that led to the death of U.S. soldiers.

Assassins Creed

Rating 5.8/10

List of 2016 Action Films

The title describes the plot of the movie. Cal embarks on a journey back in time where he lives as an assassin fighting against the atrocities committed by the Templar Order. He joins the organization and acquires the fighting skills.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

Rating: 6.0/10

List of 2016 Action Films

Four mutant turtles face their biggest challenge yet the notorious Krang in a bid to protect the city and save humanity from the evil villain.

Warcraft: The Beginning

Rating 6.9/10

List of 2016 Action Films

A magical portal leads the evil Orc horde into the planet Azeroth. It is up to the few remaining human heroes to prevent the occurrence of the evil that is behind the war.

The Legend of Tarzan

Rating 6.3/10

List of 2016 Action Films

Tarzan is forced to leave Britain and back into the jungle to stop the activating of a mining site that threatens the survival of other animals in the jungle.

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The 5th Wave

Rating: 5.2/10

List of 2016 Action Films

A series of natural plagues hit the earth threatening the survival of the human species. Two teenagers join forces in a quest to find their brother while fighting off the invaders.

Triple 9

Rating 6.3/10

A gang of rogue police officers tries to pull off one of the biggest heists by killing one of their members. They use the diversion by the cops to stake out a bank.

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