Top 15 Russian female names and meanings

Top 15 Russian female names and meanings

It is quite controversial and unrelenting to understand what a name holds. Besides being an identifier we can use to single out a person in a crowd and not calling the entire crowd, a name has a meaning.

Top 15 Russian female names and meanings

Some names may be so powerful enough to help change a person’s way of life. The power it holds to shaping your life is up to you. Russian female names constitute a first name; a second being the combination from an ancestor or father’s name and the third from your husbands.

Below are top Russian female names and meanings you can choose to name your child or find their meaning.


Topping the list of popular female names in Russia is Alexandra. The name can have many variations as Alexi, Aleksandra, and Alexi... Going by which combination of Alexandra you would settle for, it is a representative of one who provides people with a place to stay in; shelter.


A common Russian name donned by Russian model Anastasiya Kvitko stands for the ability to come back to life; resurrect.

Top 15 Russian female names and meanings


Being fans of music, one may consider naming their daughter after a successful musical band or a song. Alisa could depict a lady who is logical in her ways, has a balanced way of life and can easily relate to others. Popular Russian rock band dons the name Alisa.


Derived from the name Alice, Alla is a Russian female name that points to be one whose moral principles are something to emulate. Often associated with being an aristocrat.

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One who is not known to the locals; probably from space or a guest?


One look at you and someone would pour out all their secrets as you have a trustworthy nature; says your name.

Top 15 Russian female names and meanings


Devotion to the creator is one thing humans would love to give back to God. Elisabet is one with unwaveringly loyalty to God.


A Russian female first name; just by skimming the name one would not be mistaken to take Viktoriya as a form of victory.


Top figures in a country do carry a certain power with them. So do their names. Lyudmila as used by Russia’s first lady; means one who cherishes and has feelings routed deep enough for others. President Putin is a lucky one.


Ancient kingdoms did have a sense of belonging. The sense that the locals would refer to themselves by their kingdom’s name; as seen in Lydiya. Lydiya is Russian female native name which depicts one whose origins are from Asian Minor’s past Lydia.

Top 15 Russian female names and meanings


It can have forms as Clarissa; it means a safe place, protected haven or a fortress.


There exist a rock, whose beauty is unfathomable, Margarita, a Russian female name, is a symbol of beauty, pearl beauty.


Means illusion; one whose certainty no one knows for sure. She could be magical.


You are one whom people have a strong affection.

Top 15 Russian female names and meanings


A kind of self-assurance that in one way or another; fulfillment of certain desires is possible.


Hello there new face; Kseniya is one who is a caller.


You should work on your talent as it comes from the highest one. You are a talent from above.


Christmas is a special occasion and to have one born on such a day as Christ is Natalya.

Top 15 Russian female names and meanings


You are a friend to those around you; a soft one they can rely on.


Summing up the list of Russian female names is her majesty; the queen to the fairies, Tatiana.

These Russian female names in English are popular among many. They are the first names a Russian girl would be named before adopting a patronymic and a third name.

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