List of 2017 comedy films

List of 2017 comedy films

The year 2017 was one that enjoyed comedy in its most interesting form. Action was incorporated into comedy films. The result was the emergences of what some may say compete for the title of best comedy movies ever. This made 2017 comedy films top earners as compared to other years.

List of 2017 comedy films

Comedy star popularly known as Madea

2017 Best Comedy Films List

Below is a comedy movies list of the top contenders of 2017.

The Disaster Artist(7.8/10)

It is a story of a man whose passion for art pushes him to pursue his dreams in a challenging world. He still remains happy no matter the circumstances.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle(7.2/10)

Comedy films latest trend is incorporation of action in the films. Here, four high school kids are drawn into a game named the Jumanji. They are sucked into the games settings and they become adult avatars they chose. They have to play the game and survive it in order to return to the real world. They have to discover what was left in the game 20 year before they were there and change how they perceive themselves or they are stuck in the game forever.

• Girls Trip (6.3/10)

Four best friends travel to New Orleans to attend an annual Festival. During the trip they rekindle their past sisterhood and in turn rediscover their wild side. They Dance, drink, romance and brawl as they did when young and wild.

List of 2017 comedy films

Daddy’s Home 2(6.2/10)

In what may be termed as an unusual turn of events, a father and a stepfather join hands to make Christmas perfect for the children. The situation is tested when the fathers Old-school manly dad and the stepfather’s gentle dad arrive for the holiday. The four men decide to take the children to a luxurious resort for a getaway. The situation turns chaotic with some humor attached.

A Bad Moms Christmas(5.6/10)

Christmas is when families re-unite. These three moms; Amy, Carla and Kiki, are un-appreciated and overburdened. They have to create a perfect holiday for their children in addition to entertaining their own mothers. They decide to rebel during the Christmas season.

Pitch Perfect 3(6.2/10)

The Bellas split after winning the world championships. During the split, they discovered that there are no jobs for making music with your mouth. They re-unite for an USO oversees tour. They come together to make music and some other questionable decisions.

List of 2017 comedy films


A dangerous wave of crime has hit the beach. It takes the intervention of the legendary Mitch Buchannon who leads a squad of elite lifeguards to help rid the beach of the ruthless businesswoman who is a threat to its’ future. The squad features some celebrities including a former Olympian.

Boo 2! A Madea Halloween(3.4/10)

Madea returns to the screens this time in a Halloween comedy film. Madea accompanied by two others; Hattie and Aunt Bam, follow Tiffany to Derrick Lake where she went to celebrate her 18th birthday. The three are trying to protect Tiffany from encountering the same fate that befell a group of teens some years earlier. They find themselves fighting for their lives against spooky monsters and boogeymen.

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Eve Middleton persuades her mother to chaperone her on an exotic gateway to South America. The two must work out their differences in order for them to survive an outrageous and extremely dangerous jungle.

List of 2017 comedy films

Going in Style(6.6/10)

Lifelong friends decide to cash in on their retirement. This is after their pension plan funds are taken away from them by their bank. The three men Joe (Michael Caine), Willie (Morgan Freeman) and Albert (Alan Arkin) embark on a mission to rob the same bank that took away their money.

Fist Fight(5.6/10)

A high school teacher, Andy Campbell, is challenged by the most feared and toughest teacher, Ron Strickland. This is one day before the beginning of the summer vacation. He has been pranked by seniors, the administration is not functional and the budget cuts introduced by the school are threatening his job. The news of the showdown spreads across the school. Andy tries to find a way of imminent doom.


Scientists have found a way to reduce overpopulation. They shrink humans to a few inches tall. Paul (Matt Damon) and his wife (Kristen Wiig) agree to the procedure to start a new life. They are made to shrink and move to a downsized community. They experience life changing adventures.

List of 2017 comedy films


Logan Lucky(7.1/10)

Logan teams up with his two siblings and plans a heist at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. They encounter problems and decide to abandon their plans.

Why Him(6.2/10)

An overprotective father travels to her daughters’ place to visit her. He find out he has a boyfriend who he disapproves of despite the fact that the guy is a multimillionaire.

The House(5.6/10)

A couple starts an underground casino to help support their daughter. They do this with the help of their next door neighbor. They soon start regretting it.

List of 2017 comedy films

Just Getting Started(3.8/10)

Two women compete over a woman they both have interest in. this competition is short-lived as one of them realizes he has an enemy who wants to kill him. They work together to stop the killer’s plans.

Office Christmas Party(5.8/10)

When their office is about to be closed, the branch manager and his technical assistant plan an epic Christmas party. They hope to impress a client whose buy will save the branch from closure.

List of 2017 comedy films

Do it Like an Hombre (5.6/10)

A man reveals he is gay before he gets married. The news is distorting to the woman and his brother, who is his fiancées best friend.

The Resurrection of Gavin Stone(6.2/10)

A man serving community service falls in love with a pastor’s daughter. This was after being close to her for some time. He was doing community service to the church when he landed a role in an upcoming church film. The pastor’s daughter is the director.

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Some other comedy films that featured in 2017 were;

  • Table 19(5.8/10)
  • Father Figures(4.9/10)
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