Bambara beans - Recipes, health benefits and other facts you need to know

Bambara beans - Recipes, health benefits and other facts you need to know

Bambara beans are originally from West Africa. The legumes grow well in Ghana, given the perfect climatic condition for the plants in the country. Bambara beans and groundnuts have a few similarities and thus grow the same way. The delicious beans are cooked using various methods that bring contrasting but exquisite tastes.

Bambara beans
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The beans have a high level of proteins, which is beneficial to the body. The beans can be crushed into flour and used in the baking of cakes and cookies. The powder is also used to make some beverages. Many Ghanaians experiment with bambara beans, creating different styles of incorporating this highly nutritional ingredient into their regular diets.

Simple bambara beans recipe

Here are the ingredients and steps to follow:


  • 4 cups of dried bambara beans
  • 2 medium-size onions
  • 2 large tomatoes to be chopped
  • 4 cloves of garlic to be grated
  • A small piece of ginger to be grated
  • Curry powder
  • 2 tablespoons of tomato paste
  • 1 cup of coconut milk
  • Olive oil
  • Salt to taste

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  1. Soak the bambara beans overnight to soften them up.
  2. Boil the beans for about 1 hour. Ensure that they are soft before removing from the heat.
  3. Remove and place them aside.
  4. Add olive oil on a hot pan or cooking pot. Add onions and stir until they become soft and translucent.
Bambara beans
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5. Add the grated ginger and garlic paste to the mixture and continue to stir.

6. Add curry powder and keep stirring until the raw smell of curry powder evaporates.

7. Throw in the chopped tomatoes and tomato paste and cover the pan.

8. Let it simmer for about 3 minutes. This allows all the ingredients to combine.

9. Add the already boiled bambara beans to the mixture and stir until a thick broth forms.

10. Add some salt to taste.

11. Cover the pan, let the mixture simmer for about 10 minutes.

12. Add the cup of coconut milk to the mixture and stir for a while.

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13. Remove from the heat, and serve while hot.

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Creamy bambara beans stew

Here are the essential ingredients and steps to follow:


  • 4 cups of bambara beans soaked overnight
  • 1 teaspoon of the grounded grain of paradise
  • 6 scotch bonnet pepper
  • 1 teaspoon of shrimp powder
  • Salt


  1. Soak the beans overnight to cut the cooking time of boiling.
Bambara beans
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2. Wash beans and place them on a fairly sized saucepan.

3. Add water and bring to boil. Ensure that the beans are tender before removing from heat.

4. Add hot water occasionally when boiling to prevent burning. This will also help the beans to cook properly.

5. When the beans are tender, add the remaining ingredients, stir and minimize the heat. Grounded grains of paradise has a pleasant and slightly hot taste and an earthly aroma that goes well with the taste of bambara beans.

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6. Let them simmer gently. This will enable the soup to thicken and become creamy. Alternatively, you can use a spoon to mash some of the bambara into the sauce to make the sauce thick.

7. Serve with kakro or fried plantain.

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Health benefits of bambara beans

Here are the benefits of this dish:

Safeguards the body against arthritis

Bambara beans have a high content of minerals. The beans are a recommended natural remedy to protect the body from arthritis. The calcium in the legumes also helps protect the body from osteoporosis and other related bone diseases.

Great for the gut

Bambara beans have anti-inflammatory elements. They also contain probiotics and, therefore, excellent for treating diverticulitis, IBS, IBD, and crohn's disease.

Treatment of anaemia

Anaemia is caused by lack of enough blood in the body. Regular intake of bambara beans helps the body manage anaemia. The nuts are rich in iron that enhances blood levels in the body.

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Provides energy

Bambara legumes have a good amount of carbs. These are necessary for the energy in the body. The beans will give you strength and enable you to work without feeling exhausted quickly.

Aids in malnutrition

The flour produced from bambara beans is the ultimate affordable solution for controlling of malnutrition. Children with such eating conditions do well with the beans. The nuts contain high levels of carbohydrates, proteins, calories, and several minerals that improve the growth of the body.

Remedy for insomnia

Sleeping disorders are common among people of all ages. Sleeping disorders like insomnia can be regulated by bambara beans. This is due to the high contents of amino acids found in the beans. Amino acids stimulate the release of serotonin from the brain, therefore, allowing for mental tranquility. This enables one to fall asleep easily.

Helps prevent cancer

Bambara beans have antioxidants that shield the body from harmful food chemicals. The antioxidants aid in minimizing the chances of getting certain cancers and other health problems.

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Bambara beans are enjoyed as a meal and also consumed for the immunity of the body. The beans can be eaten alone or boiled and incorporated into any stew you desire.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is neither intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. All content including text, graphics, images, and information contained on or available through this page is for general information purposes only.

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