Linda Ikeji net worth in Dollars 2019

Linda Ikeji net worth in Dollars 2019

Linda Ikeji net worth has been a subject for discussion especially in the recent past as people want to know how much the successful blogger makes considering the lavish lifestyle that she leads today. The established celebrity is said to be worth approximately 40 million US dollars. To know more about just how this figure has been arrived at, read on. This article breaks down how the figures to clear out any assumptions and sources of Linda's income.

Fans have a habit of wanting to know everything about the celebrity they love and this is no different with Linda Ikeji. Her net worth has been an interesting find as people want to know just how much the celebrity is making and what she has been able to accumulate in terms of net worth. What’s interesting is that her net worth is increasing daily as she seems to be surpassing her goals and making more money.

At first, when her net worth was announced to be about 1.2 million dollars, she did not believe it herself but with the passage of time she has come to appreciate and know better. Linda is able to live a lavish lifestyle owning property such as the one she has in Banana Island. She also has posh cars and a lifestyle to die for, all thanks to her blog earnings.

What people are saying about Linda Ikeji net worth

It is hard for some people to believe that a blogger could earn as much as Linda is. For most, the story that Linda Ikeji net worth is in millions of dollars is treated as a sham. While there may be some who know her potential and will believe anything about Linda, it could be said that it is because of their love for her. However, the following calculations will take away any doubts and settle the Linda Ikeji net worth 2017 debate once and for all. Linda is actually worth that much, at least according to Linda Ikeji net worth Forbes reports and findings. These calculations will put to rest any fears and doubts that may have surfaced over time.

If you are among those that have been asking what is Linda Ikeji net worth then this read is for you. It is not just about mentioning the figures in passing but going into details of how the overall net worth was arrived at. One thing is clear though, Linda’s story is inspiring. For her to have risen to the point where she can comfortably acquire 5 cars and 2 houses within a year, her wealth is guaranteed. Some quarters say that she could very well be worth 3 billion Naira by end 2018 since her high earning trend shows no indication of declining anytime soon.

Net worth of Linda Ikeji

These calculations are made based on Linda’s verifiable ads rates as well as her revenues from AdSense. They are grouped into two namely the AdSense earnings and direct adverts revenues.

Direct Ads Revenues- Linda Ikeji net 2orth

Header/ Leaderboard- 2(N950000) = N1900000 Per month

Sidebar/ Top ads - 2(N500000) = N 1000,000 per month

All site wide side bar ads – 30(400,000) =N 3000,000 per month

Site take over/page branding = N1,600,000 per month

Total from direct adverts = N 19.5 million per month

Linda Ikeji net worth - AdSense Revenues

This requires an understanding of the traffic statistics. The findings here revealed the following:

Daily page views for the blog- 500,000. The stats are CTR (click through rate) = 0.98 and CPC (cost per click) = 0.45. These means that the calculations are as follows:

500,000/100x9.8=4900 clicks every day. This translates to 4900x0.45 = 2205 dollars every day and 2205x30= 66150 dollars a month. This is N12, 237, 750 A month. These are the estimated earnings of AdSense monthly earnings. The calculations above reveal that Linda Ikeji continues to make about 31,837,750 every month. From these findings it is easy to see how Linda’s net worth comes to what it is today.

Despite her spending trend and habits, Linda’s net worth is estimated to be about 3.2 billion Naira, a figure that is expected to rise every time considering that she has now become a great name as opposed to the middle name that she was before. Being a top blogger in Nigeria today she attracts a lot of followers and as such has numerous adverts. Armed with this kind of information it is easy to calculate the net worth of Linda Ikeji and even forecast her future earnings as her brand continues to grow and expand over the years.

With this information, it is impossible to make assumptions about Linda’s net worth. It is clear how much she is worth and there is a possibility that this figure is likely to increase with time. What we know now is that she is worth at least 10 million US dollars.

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