Australian female names and meanings

Australian female names and meanings

People have been known to derive names from what surrounds them for long. The Australian naming culture does use that too as seen in the common Australian female names as Jasmine; derived from a flower that grows in the temperate areas of Australia.

Australian female names and meanings

Below are the most popular Australian female names and their meanings.


When it comes to women, curves and sexual attraction top the list. How about a name that speaks of well-formed on itself? Adina is an Australian female name for being curvy and intimately compelling.


You are continuously growing, with each new day people notice a new personality growing in you. Not just a learning new you but an experienced and mature new you.


One who can judge correctly and is of a good understanding


Ella does take and enjoy life and more so, her beauty, akin, resembles a fairy’s.

Australian female names and meanings


Zoe means one who has life within her and can share it with others, you are dependable as people can rely on you not to hurt them, and you are there when they need you.


A woman who is capable of focusing all her energy while being fully indulged in an activity is amazing. Top that with diligence and getting actual results, you get Amelia.

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Friends and those around you can rely on you to help them in anything.


Women are known color enthusiasts; joining this Australian female names list is Scarlet. Going by the name, scarlet is often associated with red.

Australian female names and meanings


Chances of packaging all the entirety in the universe into one is close to impossible; however not to Emma as she is the entire universe in one.


Were you to come across Isabelle, she is going to be of assistance to you. Isabelle is benevolent.


Audrey is a common Australian female name. She has all that is required of a strong woman; she is next to god if she is not a goddess herself.


This Australian female’s name is derived from the jasmine flower, a native flower to Australia.

Australian female names and meanings


Expect to find romance in the holder of this feminine name as she is derived from an ancient Persian intimacy story.


The name originally comes from the Greeks. It has been adopted widely by the Australian female naming as it means one who can judge wisely.


Victoria is a form of Victory; Victoria could take versions of Victoria, Vitoria or Voctorita.


Those around you experience the radiance with which you personality exuberates around them.

Australian female names and meanings


No one seems to find a fault in you as everyone Claire associates with; they find her to be fascinating.


Molly is one lady who loves her freedom. No one tells her what to do, including the authorities. She is of a defiant character.


You are a blessing from above as your name suggests you come from a God of abundance. Your arrival to the universe was one from the realm.

Australian female names and meanings


Finally on this list of Australian female names is Natalie. There is nothing as fascinating as sharing a birth date with the son of God. Natalie is a blessing on Christmas.

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