Accra Polytechnic Fees

Accra Polytechnic Fees

Accra Polytechnic is one of the leading academic institutions in Ghana. This institution has a reputation for providing quality education in the country. In addition to this Accra Polytechnic has the best rates you will ever find in the country. The following Accra Polytechnic Fees should help you get started.

Accra Polytechnic Fees

Second to choosing a university or polytechnic course, it is important that you know how much you are going to spend in your educational course before graduating. Accra Polytechnic is one of the leading academic institutions that offers quality educational courses, however at a steep end cost. If you are planning to enroll for any course at the institution you need to ensure you first have reviewed the universities fees structure and you ensure that you are in a capacity to sustain your education until graduation. The following article will help provide you with some information about the fee structure for different courses.

Accra Polytechnic Fees Structure- Academic Year 2017/2018

Whether you are enrolling at Accra polytechnic on a full time or part time learning basis, we have all the information you require to plan out yourself. Below is a complete breakdown of different academic programs and their respective Accra polytechnic part time fees and full time school fees

Programmes Fees (GHS) Full-Time Fees (GHS) Part-Time

Civil Engineering 1,734 2,035

Building Technology 1,734 2,035

Mechanical Engineering 1,734 2,035

Electrical/Electronic 1,734 2,035

Furniture Design and Production 1,734 -

Fashion Design and Textiles 1,722 2,035

Science Lab Technology 1,722 2,035

Hotel, Catering and Institutional Management 1,722 2,035

Mathematics & Statistics 1,722 -

Computer Science 1,722 2,035

Accountancy 1,683 1,925

Marketing 1,683 1,925

Purchasing and Supply 1,683 1,925

Secretaryship and Management Studies 1,683 1,925

Bilingual Secretaryship and Management 1,683 -

Programmes Fees (GHS) Full-Time Fees (GHS) Part-Time

Civil Engineering 1,376 1,925

Building Technology 1,376 1,925

Mechanical Engineering 1,376 1,925

Electrical/Electronic 1,376 1,925

Furniture Design and Production 1,376 -

Fashion Design and Textiles 1,364 1,925

Science Lab Technology 1,364 1,925

Hotel, Catering and Institutional Management 1,364 1,925

Mathematics & Statistics 1,364 -

Computer Science 1,364 1,925

Accountancy 1,325 1,815

Marketing 1,325 1,815

Purchasing and Supply 1,325 1,815

Secretaryship and Management Studies 1,325 1,815

Bilingual Secretaryship and Management 1,325 -

Programmes Fees (GHS) Full-Time Fees (GHS) Part-Time

Civil Engineering 1,427 1,975

Building Technology 1,427 1,975

Mechanical Engineering 1,427 1,975

Electrical/Electronic 1,427 1,975

Furniture Design and Production 1,427 -

Fashion Design and Textiles 1,416 1,975

Science Lab Technology 1,416 1,975

Hotel, Catering and Institutional Management 1,416 1,975

Mathematics & Statistics 1,416 -

Computer Science 1,416 1,975

Accountancy 1,376 1,865

Marketing 1,376 1,865

Purchasing and Supply 1,376 1,865

Secretaryship and Management Studies 1,376 1,865

Accra Polytechnic Fees Structure- Rules

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Other than knowing the different Accra polytechnic fees it is important that you understand the different rules regarding the payment. The rules you need to adhere to when paying your fees include:

  • Accra polytechnic school fees is only accepted in full amounts
  • The school fees must and should be paid two weeks before the institution re-opens
  • All the school fees must be paid via Banker's Draft addresses to Accra Polytechnic
  • The fees paid are not refundable
  • The individual school fees above exclude Hostel fees

Once you have complied with the above requirements and you are in a position to pay your respective course school fees then you are good to go. Request for Accra poly admission requirement and apply for a position at the institution.

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