Joselyn Dumas talks about her biggest role models

Joselyn Dumas talks about her biggest role models

- Joselyn Dumas says her mother is her biggest role model

- She said her mother has been like a rock for her and her daughter

- She also says some people use the phrase role model loosely

Ghanaian actress and film producer, Joselyn Dumas, has expressed that her mother has been her biggest source of inspiration, and that her mother has been her role model above all others.

The celebrated TV personality who speaking on her relatively new show called 'Keeping it Real with Joselyn Dumas, expressed that her mother has been a strong impression on her, which has helped her become the woman she is today.

With her mother being as big an influence on her as she is, the Potato Potahto star told celebrity guests Stephanie Benson and Claudia Lumor, that her mother has made a strong impression on her.

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Joselyn Dumas did mention that the American superstar celebrity, Oprah Winfrey, has also been one role model she has always admired from afar, but that her mum is a real role model.

"..Someone like Oprah Winfrey she sort of inspires me…I also gather my inspiration from different people but I’ve always admired my mum for her strength… we’ve come a long way, my mum and I.

“I think that sometimes we use the word role model loosely without even realizing the work we have to put in,” she added.

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She went on to say that through all her ups and downs her mother has been like a rock for her, something she wants to be for her daughter and her friends.

Joselyn Dumas's sentiments were echoed by Stephanie Benson, who said her mother has also been her role model, more so when she was diagnosed with cancer.

"My role model would be my mum too, because my mum was amazing. She died at 48 years old of cancer…and it was really hard but I see her strength and for that reason I wanted to be her,” said Stephanie Benson.

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