Noni benefits and Side Effects

Noni benefits and Side Effects

Noni is scientifically known as Morinda citrifolia. It is a member of the mulberry family and is commonly referred to as the Indian mulberry. The super food has gained approval in the European market which has led to more than 3000 companies dealing in its products. However, the major noni producers are in Hawaii and Taiti. To appreciate its true value though, knowing its elements, benefits and possible side effects is advised.

Noni benefits and Side Effects

The noni fruit is one of the super foods in the world with over 150 already known components existing in it. Noni has some of the trace elements that are hardly found in other foods. In addition to this it has several essential minerals, vitamins, phyto chemicals, alkaloids, trace elements as well as crucial active enzymes. This explains why the noni fruit benefits will continue being popular even in coming years. The Following is a breakdown of some of the best known noni juice benefits.

Overall Noni benefits

For a long time every part of the noni plant has been used in a variety of ways. The benefits of noni plant are numerous and diverse. The leaves have been used for medicinal purposes although the effectiveness of these medicine has not been verified. There is an ongoing research on the medical effectiveness of the plant by the center for alternative medicine. However, there is a general belief that noni juice consumption has been instrumental in lessening pain, assisting with immune disorders, cancers and other chronic diseases. It has also been used in the management and treatment of arthritis, depression and colds as well as hypertension. For the last decade where the benefits of noni juice have been most exploited by people in the west, users have reported positive feedback after use. While no conclusive research has been done to verify the extent of these benefit, users of the juice have seen significant improvement whenever they drank the juice continuously.

Noni health benefits

1. It supports the immune system

One of the most notable benefits of noni fruit is the fact that it enhances the functioning of the immune system. The polysaccharides contained in the fruits helps in the stimulation of an immune response

The rich antioxidant compound is stronger than the one found in other fruits such as grapes. According to a research conducted by Dr. Neil Solomon, out of the total participants, 75% of these were able to recover successfully after 3 months of religiously taking noni juice as recommended. The other 25% failed to show significant improvements because they failed to follow through with the regimen. According to different doctor, Doctor Ralph, noni has the ability to aid in cellular repair which is how it is able to help boost immune system through enzymatic reactions especially when the juice is taken on a regular basis on an empty stomach.

Noni benefits to immune system

2. Anti-cancer properties

Noni in this case works by stimulating healing cells such as the NK cells (natural killers cells) and the TNF (tumor necrosis factors) to attack the cancerous tumor and kill it. This way the development of the tumor is inhibited. A study done by Louisiana state university revealed that noni juice has the ability to dismantle vascular networks that are responsible for supporting tumor growth. In another study carried out in New York it was also revealed that noni juice can significantly reduce the formation of cancer cells in one’s body. Ti has a phytonutrient known as damnacanthal which s generally responsible for providing good health to the cells. In fact in a lab test the juice was found to inhibit the MCF 7 Cells. The juice helps in preventing normal cells from turning into cancer cells. When testing the effect of the juice on tumors growing in mice, the University of Hawaii discovered that mice treated with noni juice were found to survive 123% more than those that were not.

3. Reduces inflammation

Due to this property noni juice has been effective in the treatment of arthritis as it reduces the swelling and strengthens bones and ligaments. The juice works by reducing swelling, increasing mobility and curing the pain

4. Pain reliever

The noni juice has a xeronine alkaloid which helps in repairing damaged body cells. It also comes in handy when repairing proteins of the body which perform different body functions. As such, it is a preferred pain reliever and may work just as effective as other strong opiate based painkillers without the side effects.

5. Works as an antibiotic

It contains natural antibiotics including aubin, alizarin and anthrax quinone. It also has antifungal properties such as caprylic and caproic acids. This explains why it works for candida among other fungal diseases and infections.

Benefits of noni leaves

Noni leaves are also known to have numerous benefits. These include the following:

  • Ambient cure
  • Slimming
  • Digestion
  • Disease curing
  • Strengthen the weak body conditions

The noni leaves health benefits cannot be underestimated. All you need to do is to make tea from the leaves.

Noni juice benefits for skin

Noni juice is also excellent for the skin. It is able to help the skin because of the varied components it contains. Noni juice helps keep the skin healthy because of its essential fatty acids that lack in most peoples diets. These fatty acids allows the cells to take in nutrients and flush out toxins thus leaving the skin supple and bright. The following are some of the benefits of noni on the skin.

noni juice benefits

  • Helps in healing wounds because it controls blood sugar internally which could interfere with healing
  • It also helps with the healing of breakouts. Applying diluted noni juice on the affected skin part could help clear any blemishes
  • Noni juice is full of vitamin C and as such can help with anti-aging. You can drink it in juice or add a dash in your bathing water to help maintain the right pH levels
  • It is an excellent anti-inflammatory which means that is works excellently for sunburns, rashes, minor burns and hives. It helps in soothing the skin and healing it faster.
  • Treats acne and spots. Noni juice has a significant amount of antioxidants which is needed for treatment of acne and spots making it a great remedy for the condition.

Noni side effects

Like it is with everything else that has numerous benefits, noni juice is expected to have a number of side effects. While there may not be many known side effects because of inconclusive tests. However it is advisable for people with diabetes and renal failure to consult a doctor first before taking any kind of medication involving noni juice. Pregnant women are also advised to take noni juice with caution because nothing is known about how it affects the unborn child.

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