Shea Butter Benefits for Skin, Hair and Face

Shea Butter Benefits for Skin, Hair and Face

Shea butter is a product extract of a tree indigenous to Africa, the karate tree. Its history dates back a long time; to the kings and queens of the past, from Nigeria, West Africa it spun all the way to Ethiopia.The tree's fruits are harvested, for the nuts in them which are crushed and the butter extracted.

Shea Butter Benefits for Skin, Hair and Face

Folks from the early centuries used Shea butter in its natural form and they knew about the benefits. This tradition was passed on through generations and it is still present today. However, with the advent of industrialization Shea butter can be extracted using simplified methods that have been refined over and over.

Shea butter benefits for your hair and skin.

Shea butter is enriched with vitamins that nourish the hair, especially the scalp and skin.

The benefits of Shea butter for your skin.

The skin is the most conspicuous part of our body. Covering the entire body, it is prone to nature as it protects the inner organs. These are some of the benefits Shea butter-cream can offer your skin.

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Some may call it hydration. The skin loses water as part of its physiological process. However, too much of it can leave the skin dry and expose it to cracks. Shea butter through its coagulator effects, when applied to the skin; locks in the moisture keeping you hydrated.

This aspect of Shea butter makes it perfect for lip balms. Combine with its resemblance to vegetable oils; it is healthy for your body.

Anti-inflammatory agent.

An insect sting or a bite can be very itchy, like seriously itchy. In some occasions, it can swell and leave bumps on your skin.

Shea butter’s components; fatty acids and plant sterols are known remedies to insect bites. Not only do they treat acne, skin rashes, scars, athlete’s foot and frostbite, same goes to burns and alleviating itching. Those are just but a few Shea butter benefits on your skin.

Shea Butter Benefits for Skin, Hair and Face

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Wrinkles are often associated with the skin, well not entirely, include stress and you get early wrinkles.

Shea butter's natural fats are easily absorbed by the skin. They do not clog pores. Furthermore, inside your skin, Shea butter stimulates the production of collagen, a youthful protein agent which keeps you looking youthful.

Vitamins A and E contained in the butter chips in to nourish your youthful skin besides encouraging circulation to the skin and promoting cell renewal.

Including Shea butter in your skin therapy over a repeated period reduces the chances of wrinkles formation and keeps your skin elastic; no more cracks.

The Shea butter benefits for hair.

In the modern era of beauty, hair chemicals are frequently used which promise superb qualities but only for a short time. You often end up with messed up hair; often times leading to withdrawal. Here are some hair benefits you can get from using Shea butter.

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Hair smoothening.

Getting the razor through dry hair can be an itchy experience. However, apply Shea butter a few days to shaving and you are sure to get a smooth clean shave. By coagulating the hair shaft, Shea butter softens your hair enabling the razor cut through easily.

Hair restoration.

Shea Butter Benefits for Skin, Hair and Face

Using hair chemicals as treatments to straighten your hair would ultimately sip out the moisture in them. Dehydrated hair is left at the mercy of UV radiation and breakage.

Shea butter helps restore your hair by coagulating your hair ends to avoid breakage (Vitamins A and Emend breakage), a moisturized scalp encourages follicles and Shea protection keeps the UVs out. The coating ensures your hair remains healthy.

Shea butter contains fats that melt at body temperature making it ideal for your skin. Shea butter health benefits are not only limited to your face, hair, and skin as advanced features as antimicrobial agents curb ailment causing pathogens. Its benefits are limitless; adopt Shea butter to your beauty therapy.

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