Health Benefits of Paw Paw Seeds

Health Benefits of Paw Paw Seeds

The pawpaw fruit is available in the market all year round meaning that you can enjoy its benefits any time you want to. This wholesome fruit is as nutritious as it is sweet. Its succulent flesh is not the only edible part as the peel and seeds are also consumable. The following are some of the most useful benefits of pawpaw seeds. Read on to discover what you may be missing out when you throw away the seeds.


Benefits of pawpaw – To boost body functions

Some of the ways pawpaw helps improve body functioning includes:

Improving digestion

This is especially used for small kids with constipation or hard stool. The papaya fruit contains a digestive enzyme called papain which along with the fiber found in its flesh helps in proper digestion of food.

Enhances eye sight

The rich vitamin A, cyptoxanthin and lutein, contained in pawpaw helps keep the mucus membrane healthy. This prevents eyes damage.

Promotes hair growth

Vitamin A which is the main nutrient in the papaya flesh, produces sebum that stimulates hair growth. It also keeps it smooth and shiny. It is possible to make an extract from the pawpaw fruit that is externally applied to the scalp to keep off dandruff. It’s recently being used by cosmetic companies to make ‘the papaya shampoo’ known to give the hair extra shine and glow.

One of the benefits of pawpaw fruit is that it helps in promoting weight loss. Despite its sweetness, the papaya fruit contains very low levels of sugar. Its dietary fiber helps achieve fullness which in turn controls appetite. This in the long run leads to weight loss. The weight loss can also be achieved through reduction of body cholesterol.


The peels of the pawpaw fruit are applied to the skin to prevent aging. It contains antioxidants that cleanse the skin and keep it young.

Benefits of pawpaw - Health benefits of pawpaw

Boosts the immune system. Pawpaws contain very high and easily absorb-able levels of vitamin C. This increases the level of white blood cells in the body. As such, your body's immune system is strengthened.

Benefits of pawpaw leaves

Prevents cancer

Pawpaw is a rich source of antioxidants, phytonutrients and flavonoids. Papaya prevents the rapid multiplication of cells that spreads cancer. The beta carotene in pawpaw protects against prostate and colon cancer.

Reduce the symptoms of dengue fever

This is a deadly disease caused by the aides mosquito. Drinking boiled papaya leaves extract aids in recovery. These leaves contain chymopapain and papain enzymes that normalize the platelet count controlling the symptoms which include vomiting blood.

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Good for diabetes patients

The extracts of papaya leaves stimulate insulin activity in the body. This helps with lowering sugar levels. It also reduces stress that causes diabetes.

Prevents coronary artery disease

This diseases is caused by too much cholesterol. Papaya leaves contain vitamin C which produces antioxidants that improve the flow of blood. This ultimately keeps the heart healthy.

Benefits of pawpaw seeds

While most people throw them away, small amounts of papaya seeds in your diet can be very beneficial to your health. Chewed raw or crashed and added to food, here are some health benefits you will experience.


Controls parasitic infections

Similar to the benefits of unripe pawpaw, these seeds contain proteolytic enzyme that gets rid of parasitic worms by dissolving the protective biofilm that covers them. It also regulates the digestion system ecology making it hard for these organisms to breed. Pharmaceutical companies are using these extracts to make papaya powder and capsules consumed for the same use.

Treats liver cirrhosis

The seeds contain a body cleansing agent that purifies the liver helping it get rid of the toxins faster. If taken consistently, it can heal liver cirrhosis in patients.

Treats food poisoning caused by bad bacteria

With a strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, pawpaw seeds can kill poisoning bacterial. In this case, freshly crushed seeds are taken with a small amount of easily digestible food consecutively for 3 days.


This is one of the little known benefits of papaya seeds. It can actually increase the sperm production of a man. It is often recommended by most natural fertility clinics.

Prevent arthritis

Rich in protein and calcium, taking regular amounts of pawpaw seeds builds stronger bones and muscles. This prevents the occurrence of bone related complications

Often taken for granted, this angel plant has surprising health benefits. It is a natural remedy that is easily available and can be purchased as part of your regular fruit supply. While the fruit is eaten directly, the leaves are boiled for their extract and the seeds crushed before consumption. This explains very easy steps to follow when welcoming a healthy lifestyle.

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