List of Best 2015 Science Fiction Films for Movie Lovers

List of Best 2015 Science Fiction Films for Movie Lovers

When we talk of science fiction, we talk about the new generation’s cool. I mean this genre is just everything. If you ask me, it is the most widespread genre. It is no longer about movies anymore, this is about a lifestyle, a culture and history bred in every movie and its sequel released.

List of 2015 science fiction films

Talk about the superheroes? People all over have mastered their past and beginnings, more than their own actually. These science fiction films have rooted it deep. On the IMDb they happen to be favorites of most if not all the visitors who happen to be the same ones who strike votes for these movies. The science fiction movies list of the best includes all the highly starred movies topping the board that we shall see.

Then, the science fiction films list includes:

A City To Make Me(97 mins|Rating 8.9)

The city is filled with the NOISE, a digital ocean that is threatening the North America’s business elites by a political group formerly in power over done past deals.

Emocean(68 mins|Rating 8.6)

An ordinary band is transported to a different dimension on their way to a gig.

Symbiote(90 mins|Rating 8.3)

Two people find themselves at the end of the world, Clay at his house and Lola who is always running. Somehow, they find out about each other and their lives which lost all hope spring alive.

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Short Time Heroes(45 mins|Rating 8.2)

In the future(2025), David Joshua, head of the ISA, gives directives for Captain for Herc Heros and his crew to embark on the first faster than light journey.

List of 2015 science fiction films

Mad Max: Fury Road(120 mins|Rating 8.1)

A woman leads a rebellion against a tyrannical leader in Australia with her friend among them a mad drifter Max.

Indru Netru Naalai(146 mins|Rating 8.1)

Elango and Puliveti encounter a time machine that they use to gain a fortune from. However, from this, they prevent the death of a gangster who starts to destroy their lives.

The Right Eye 2(120 mins|Rating 8.1)

The race to uncover Henry Houdini’s secret past is on. Will it be successful? Or will wreck havoc?

Star Wars: The Force Awakens(136 mins|Rating 8.0)

30 years after the Empire’s defeat, the militant First Order faces a new threat. Defector Finn and Scavenger Rey have to look for the missing Luke Skywalker to try and help.

List of 2015 science fiction films

The Martian(144 mins|Rating 8.0)

An astronaut stranded on Mars is left to look for a way to signal his fellow earth-mates to show that he is still alive.

Rocky Horror Show Live(106 mins|Rating 8.0)

This is life stage production of the classical release filmed at London’s Playhouse Theatre.

Once Upon A Time: The Rock Opera(127vmins|Rating 8.0)

Join Emma and her gang as they sing along in the musical spoof ABC’s.

Akiyo(75 mins|Rating 8.0)

The whole concept of the movie is the casting callback day with seven people auditioning for one part.

List of 2015 science fiction films

The Protokon(105 mins|Rating 7.9)

A young man mourning his fiancées loss is given an offer by a mysterious organization, a deal he cannot refuse.

Levon(48 mins|Rating 7.9)

Bad decisions on Ben’s part have made him prisoner of his own life. However this is bound to change when he meets a mysterious creature that is also trapped in its own life.

Telling Tales(103mins|Rating 7.8)

A minibus driver and a fairy princess create a bond and live within each other mutually in a perfectly normal neighborhood.

Digimon Adventure Tri: Reunion(96mins|Rating 7.8)

After years out of the game, DigiDestined regroup to save the world. But has too many years out of the game changed their characters?

List of 2015 science fiction films

Flytrap(81min|Rating 7.8)

This science fiction films best seller is of an English Astronomer who is kidnapped by a mysterious Mary Ann and her creepy comrades with their own.

Captives(81mins|Rating 7.8)

Amy went missing weeks ago with no lead whatsoever to where she is. When the journey to look for her is launched, they do realize that it is a start of a dark journey.

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin II-Artesia’s Sorrow(60 mins|Rating 7.7)

3 years have passed since the escape of the Side 3’s Autonomous from the Republic of Gunzo.Casval and Artesia flee to earth to look for them and hopefully avenge.

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The Paths of Kripto(75mins|Rating 7.7)

A new enemy of Kripto’s breeds forces Kripto to travel to desolate world to get his answers and destroy this enemy. On his way he meets an important friend who contains very valuable information.

Those are the 2015 science fiction movies best representatives that you must definitely look up.

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