German Female Names and Meanings: Name Suggestions for Your Daughter

German Female Names and Meanings: Name Suggestions for Your Daughter

In Germany, naming a child is very special. When a mother is blessed with a baby girl, the family takes the responsibility of finding the best German female name for the newborn. Of course, the young child will adopt the family surname. Many of German commoners got their surnames during the middle ages. The names were used from one generation to the next with no alterations.

German Female Names and Meanings: Name Suggestions for Your Daughter

Female names in German were given after the girl was baptized, mostly Maria, Anna-Maria, or Anna. Every child was given two names, and in the records, you will find the second name of the child and not the first. Therefore, there were some families with daughters who shared the same names.

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Despite the possible confusion, the German baby girl names are unique, and first female names were not important. The surname and the second German female names were used in land, tax, marriage, and death. The second name was also known as Rufname. A large percentage of the surnames were based on occupation, characteristics, geography or patronymics. During the middle ages, the German families had naming ceremonies, each ceremony was different depending on the sex of the child.

Popular Female German Names

German Female Names and Meanings: Name Suggestions for Your Daughter

In the current world, the Germans still value the importance of naming their children according to their traditions. Each female name has a meaning. A German family will look at all the good female names in German before they decide which one to pick for their newborn daughter. Below is a list of some of the German female names and their meaning.

  • Aada: noble/noble one. In Germany, it means firstborn or adornment.
  • Ailne: pleasant; noble, of the nobility, kind, sweet, diminutive of Aline
  • Alberteen or Albeertina: it’s the feminine name of Albert and the variant transcription of the name Alberta. it means kind, noble and nobly famous.
  • Bernadine or Berni (shorter version): the one who brings victory, brave as a bear. The variant transcription of the name Bernadette.
  • Billie: desire, will, helmet, defender of justice, protection.
  • Charilette: a virile and strong human being.
  • Chole: Victory, achievement or conquest of the people
  • Clotild/ Clotilda/ Clotilde: the one who is known for her good war skills; known as the heroine because of her war tactics.
  • Delaina: a gentle being, the one who protects.
  • Eamma: it is derived from the Germanic name Emen and it means universal.
  • Edie: the one who comes with success and wealth from the war.
  • Franziska: the German feminine version of the name 'Franciscus' which means a free Frenchwoman.
  • Freda: the German female version of the name Fred, meaning the peaceful one (German); It also means the blessed and the beloved one (Old Norse)
  • Gari: the girl who possesses a spear or the one who is very fair.
  • Geraldine: the one who rules with a spear, spear ruler, might with a spear. Feminine version of Gerald.

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