Top personal branding tips for 2019

Top personal branding tips for 2019

What is personal branding? What steps must you take in order to acquire the status of a personal brand? What are the benefits you can reap off from being a personal brand?

We have you covered for all these questions.

Personal Branding

Personal branding is all about the effort and time you put in showing others your values and attributes. It is about speaking to stakeholders so that they can know what they are getting into. Your personal branding images must first satisfy the stakeholders' own personal beliefs of what entails a good personal brand to invest in.

It’s about what makes you stand out from the rest. Imagine you have all the educative background, what else will distinguish you from your peers. In personal branding, even the little things we tend to ignore can give us an edge over others.

History of Personal Branding

The history of personal branding was established due to the competitive nature of the world we live in. So, to survive, you must have the abiility to stick out from others. But it’s important to remain unique and original in your quest since you can never go wrong with yourself. We have come up with several personal branding ideas that are sure to pinpoint your uniqueness to the stakeholders.

Make use of your fellow colleagues, leaders, clients, and peers who have a thing to add to your personal brand. Remember the success of your personal brand will be part of an assessment of your relationship to these people. So it’s vital to show your value to them so that they can learn to rely on you.

Top personal branding tips for 2019

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A Personal Brand

Make yourself known to be the master of a particular field. Learn the ultimate skill sets that will make people come to you when handling the certain field. Help others in understanding the field so that in the process you build relationships with them. You can also go an extra mile and put your expert advice on video and share it will the rest of your peers.

Always exude confidence when disseminating knowledge to your fellow colleagues and superiors. Remember they have invested in you and they trust every word you say. Also as a personal brand, your private life is bound to surface.

So, better be careful about giving your opinions and comments on social media platforms about emerging issues in the country. Remember controversies can be the death of your personal brand.

Remember you are starting off, so do not show any tendencies of greed to your customers. Make them feel like you are doing it from the bottom of your heart. Do it without expecting monetary returns. Treat all clients fairly and not judge them by the benefits you will get in return. Word easily goes around and once people hear good news about you, they will be eager to associate with you.

Once you are up and going, you will meet different people. These people you encounter are the gateway to your success. Create a contact list with them. Also be checking on them frequently to keep your personal brand at the top of their minds. They are the key to expanding your network.

Top personal branding tips for 2019

Personal Branding Ideas

Let people know who you are and what you represent. Advertise yourself on all of your social media platforms and even on personal communication platforms such as WhatsApp. Let the people know owner of the brand that they are associating with. You create a sense of trust that tells people you know what you are doing.

Improve your status by acquiring a new and improvised skill set. This way, people will be amazed by your ease when it comes to handling different duties. Also, your great online presence should start a conversation about who you are and what you do. Also work hard to improve your values.

Use your value system to teach others. Be associated with juniors who are interested in your field. Teach them the basics of what it takes to achieve success. By doing this, you are able to spread your values to different people.

Thus your values are replicated in others. Share ideas together and try to come up with new inventions. Through brainstorming with young people with potential, you are able to see the world from a different perspective. You also learn new information that can be critical for your personal brand.

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