List of 2016 thriller films

List of 2016 thriller films

The thrills also came back with a bang. We waited for them, and they were delivered prompt, in style and most important of all, they rocked the year pretty well. If the 2015 thriller films raised your hair strands, then be sure that those of 2016 would pluck your hair off your skin.

List of 2016 thriller films

As again we would advise, if you’d freak out please, try not to get too much involved with the thrillers. We shall look at the thriller movies top holders at the IMDb movies board for the year 2016.To be noted though is that these thriller films best express themselves in the number of stars they do garner for themselves, votes notwithstanding.

Breaking Spirits(R|Rating 9.6)

This really deserves the 9.A Chinese exchange students meets a new clique of friends who after which one of them introduces her to mysterious happenings which then helps her get revenge of her past.

Glass(R|Rating 9.5)

Atlas with an early strike of the Alzheimer’s disease tries to figure out his life. He sees it as puzzle that he tries to piece up together.

List of 2016 thriller films

Aynabaji (R|Rating 9.5)

Ayna is literally an actor in this movie who slips into characters of other powerful prisoners, using this advantage to gain money and fame. This strange profession is bound to take a turn for the worst.

Anywhere But Here(R|Rating 9.5)

Belle wakes up to only realize her kidney is taken and is locked up in a room with another captive Keira. They try to unravel their past to see what could have prompted their abductors to capture them.

Vestigio (R|Rating 9.4)

Located in small town, a writer and local man come together to try and find out what happened to their missing relatives. One heck of a journey.She Has Name(R|Rating 9.3)

An American lawyer, Jason tries to win the trust of a local pimp only known as Number 18 to testify against her master in a pimp trafficking case in Bangkok.

Quintuplets(R|Rating 9.3)

Thrilling. Real life example? You go for a trek with your friends and decide to take rest in an abandoned looking cabin. Knocking on the door (#1 mistake) might be your last…

List of 2016 thriller films

South of 8(R|Rating 9.2)

An ex-con is lured back into the life of crime but his gang has passed a point of no return, they have become wanted fugitives.

Still Waters(R|Rating 9.2)

A well planning serial killer targets his 13 victim, an old Christian woman with cerebral palsy. Will he manage?

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Codename: Watermelon(R|Rating 9.2)

A spy is captured stealing intelligence information. He is caught and tortured. But is this exactly where he wants to be?

Aviator(87 mins|Rating 9.0)

On arrival to Colombia, Pilot Benjamin loses his passport and that is when his struggles begin. Will he be able to hold it back?

List of 2016 thriller films

The Smudging(95 mins|Rating 9.0)

A paranormal team is called in to research supernatural activity in an American cultural center.

Maverick: Manhunt Brazil(100 mins|Rating 9.0)

A stranger arrives at Passo Fundo in south Brazil in search of a killer who turns out to be part of a large drug conspiracy in the world.

Homecoming I(90 mins|Rating 9.0)

Abel graduates after 10 years and comes to work in Tanzania where his ethics and morals are tested to change his nature

Blood Painting(76 mins|Rating 9.0)

Shawn and Tim are stealing dealing with the trauma of their father shooting himself twenty years ago. But when his last painting goes missing, they know they are in into something much more deep.

List of 2016 thriller films

Bakerman(83 mins|Rating 8.9)

Jens who is at his midlife experiences a crisis and decides to move and settle some old scores.

The Last Smile(87 mins|Rating 8.9)

A bereaved father does all it takes to avenge his son’s death even if it means going against a multi-billion dollar company.

Clank: Legacy(141 mins|Rating 8.9)

The leader of the CIS goes missing as Clank tries his best to track down a dangerous arms dealer. This until a shadowy man from the past appears.

Kaul(118 mins|Rating 8.8)

What would you do if you witnessed something extraordinary and you could not speak about it? Will your sanity still stand?

List of 2016 thriller films

Forbidden Playground(119 mins|Rating 8.8)

Barry and Rachel McAlister are new parents. They struggle with their responsibilities and careers. Their lives quickly take a turn for the worst.

Does not the thriller movies list above just bring the thrills in you? They as I said earlier, represent the best of them for the year 2016.A rating of a 9? Too perfect. As the last year movies were, these thrillers take the multi-genre course as most of them have more than one genre tag to them. They also have the numerous vote counts to them.

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Now that we have the thriller movies list, we can look them up (that is if you still haven’t) and get to fin out how these amazing thriller films best express themselves

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