List of Top Trending African Fashion Designers

List of Top Trending African Fashion Designers

African fashion designs have become a sought-after commodity in most parts of the globe. Celebrities like Lupita Nyong’o, Rihanna, and Michelle Obama have a taste of African fashion wear designed by African designers and this clarifies the demand out there. These credits are given to our creative fashion designers who get down making traditional accessories and fabrics into a more modish African fashion style.

List of Top Trending African Fashion Designers

Most African designers deal with women pieces especially African fashion dresses, evidenced by trending pictures of African fashion dresses out there. The African fashion dresses images give a very pleasing judgment or illusions that the woman with that wear is decent good-looking and focused in life.

Pictures of African fashion designs are unique, stunning, and admirable. Many people are in wonder of those creative designers that are able to come up with the amazing designs. Branding a name for the designers requires patience. You can imagine how excited they get seeing their pieces among the African fashion design pictures.

List of the best African Fashion Designers blazing in the world of fashion

Adama Paris

List of Top Trending African Fashion Designers

Adama Paris is a creative designer from Senegal. She was a banker before her love and passion for fashion grew stronger. Through much efforts and struggles to brand her fashion line, she is now among the trending fashion designers.

Adama launched the Dasher Fashion Week Exhibition. She is also renowned for hosting a couple of Black Fashion Week occasions in most fashion capitals around the globe. The culture of cities is what inspires Adama. Her pieces are in popular stores and boutiques in Tokyo, London, Paris, and New York.

Aisha Obuobi

List of Top Trending African Fashion Designers

Did you know that Aisha from Ghana is the owner of Christie Brown? Well, Christie Brown label is not only known in Africa but it is renowned internationally especially in Harpers Bazaar and Vogue Italia. The label was showcased in Paris Fashion Week, Arise L’Afrique-A-Porter. Aisha deals with unique and beautiful accessories and gowns that are designed that cast back the African culture. We celebrate her for her creativity in here in Africa.

Thula Sindi

List of Top Trending African Fashion Designers

Thula is a South African well-known designer. He is inspired by the South African culture to brand women pieces. Sindi is among the designers who have an affordable price for their pieces. Elegance, sophistication and timelessness are his trademark and his pieces are normally paraded in runways in fashion capitals in the globe.

Amaka Osakwe

List of Top Trending African Fashion Designers

Amaka is aNigerian fashion designer who owns Maki Oh brand line. She is inspired by the African culture especially the Ghanaian culture to design her pieces. The interesting bit of her unique designs or maybe more of showing her great designs is that Beyoncé, Rihanna, Michelle Obama and Lupita Nyong’o have worn her designs. Amaka designs have Adira patterns, which is a process of hand dying. The creative Amaka was acclaimed the designer of the year by a fashion magazine, 2013. The top trending designer had to be recognized for her great efforts in the growth of African fashion.

Gavin Rajaj

List of Top Trending African Fashion Designers

Gavin Rajaj is a South African fashion designer. He is popular for his stories of quite a number of African innocent children who suffer from the prevalent disease. Gavin designs have his thoughts making his brand very notable. He was appointed as the UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador to involve him in improving African children lives.

Lisa Folawiyo

List of Top Trending African Fashion Designers

Lisa is a Nigerian fashion Designer whose pieces are always very colorful with a tradition hint. She owns the Jewel brand line. Lupita Nyong’o and Solange are among the celebrities who have had a taste of Lisa’s stunning and modish designs. On the runways of Lagos, Paris, and New York, her collections are occasionally showcased.

Taibo Bacar

List of Top Trending African Fashion Designers

Taibo Bacar is a fashion designer from Mozambique. He is among the designers who left their careers for their love in fashion. He was once a Business Administrator and decided to try another niche. He went to study fashion in Spain everything led to another, and he is now very successful. He deals with well-crafted women pieces that are occasionally showcased in most fashion awards all over the world.

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Mimi Plange

List of Top Trending African Fashion Designers

Hailing from Ghana, Mimi has taken the fashion arena by storm. Mimi draws her inspiration from the ancient African civilization and in Mimi Plange labels was launched in 2010. In her ready to wear designs, Mimi captures narratives of African Folklore. Celebrities such as Michelle Obama, Janelle Monae and Rihanna have Mimi’s pieces in their closets. As if this is not enough, last year, Mimi’s designs were showcase on Whitehouse in an event hosted by Mitchell Obama.

Sindiso Khumalo

List of Top Trending African Fashion Designers

Sindiso is a creative designer from South Africa.Art, class and worldliness are her brand and she taps her inspiration from the architectural knowledge of the Ndebele and Zulu culture. To many South African women who hand sew her designs, Khumalo is a provider and an employer. Many museums feature Khumalo’s creativity and the world recognizes Khumalo’s inspiration.

Poojah Jeshang

List of Top Trending African Fashion Designers

Poojah is an African designer from Tanzania. She owns the Saffron label which deals with military power pieces. She is an ultimate fashionista that creates ready to wear pieces.

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