How Can I Track Moneygram Online Transfer?

How Can I Track Moneygram Online Transfer?

MoneyGram is one of the simple, efficient and effective methods of transferring cash both local and international. MoneyGram is used to either send or receive cash around the globe through appointed agents, using account transfer, standard mail or online portals. Before I take you through how you can track MoneyGram online, you need to understand how MoneyGram works.

How Can I Track Moneygram Online Transfer?

MoneyGram allows the customers to transfer fund, pay bills and receive money around the globe. Money transfer can be done in retail locations and through use of the online platform. After sending the money using MoneyGram, it is essential to ask oneself this; how can I track my MoneyGram online? A confirmation number is sent to you after sending the money. This confirmation number is used to track the money transfer. If the MoneyGram is transferred using online platform, one can sign in the account to track MoneyGram transfer status online.

Track Moneygram money online

For the retail location, you will be required to fill an online to confirm the status of your online MoneyGram transfer. The steps below explain how to track MoneyGram online.

Step 1

To track MoneyGram transaction online go to the MoneyGram website and log in your account using your username and password. Search for the transaction history and status of the sender to order there.

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Step 2

To track MoneyGram money transfer online, search recent activities in the dashboard. This shows you the money you have transferred recently. You are also able to see when cash was transferred and the details of the recipient. By clicking the right name, you will be in the position to see the transaction details relating to that person. The computer will give you the information relating to the person you are interested in tracking his transaction history.

Step 3 - Track Moneygram Money Transfer Online

Click "Tuck a Transfer. At this time you should have with your reference or authorization number. This number is found on your confirmation receipt. For retail transfer, you check 11-digit reference number on the edge of the receipt.

How Can I Track Moneygram Online Transfer?

Step 4

Use the bolded Reference number to track MoneyGram money transfer status online. You will be able to observe in the process, picked up or completed and in the process under status section to show your MoneyGram status. Pending status indicates that the source money has not been verified and it is waiting to be approved. In the process, status means that the source of funds has been approved but cannot be picked up since it has not been transferred electronically. In case the word payment complete appears it means that the cash is available by the recipient have not claimed it. After the recipient claim the fund the words “pick up” will be displayed in the status.

Track Moneygram Transfer Status Online

For money transferred using the retail location, you are supposed to fill the online form to track MoneyGram money online. This help in preventing delays. You should not forget to include your reference number on the printed receipt. Key in your email address and then wait for a response from an online customer representative to track MoneyGram money transfer online. The online representative will take 48 to 72 hours to give a response on your transaction status.

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