How to Kiss a Girl Like a Pro

How to Kiss a Girl Like a Pro

Nobody wants bad kisses. Kisses that leave you with saliva all over your face or those whereby you feel like your tongue is being stabbed can be very devastating. Girls love to be kissed impressively or should I say, professionally.

How to Kiss a Girl Like a Pro

Kissing them wrongly can have you branded funny names by the girls you kiss. It can also deny you the chance of exploring a beautiful love story that can lead to marriage. As a man, you have to prove to the woman you love that you have what it takes to make her feel like she is on cloud nine. Unfortunately, not all men know how to kiss a girl. When you hear a girl saying that she has kissed frogs, it is probably because she has had really bad experiences with kisses.

If you do not know how to kiss a girl for the first time, it’s your lucky day. In this article, we have analyzed everything you need to know about how to kiss a girl romantically

How to kiss a girl romantically

Before we discuss how to kiss a girl the first time, let’s first learn how we should prepare for that kiss so that it can be a memorable experience for both of you.

  • Ensure that you have a perfect breath. Brush your teeth. No girl wants to be kissed by a person who has a stinking breath.
  • Bring out sexiness by grooming well. Keep your hair combed and clean. You should also take a shower and wear clean clothes. Trim your nails if they look bad. The feeling of a good kiss is in the mind of a woman. If she gets pissed off by your dirty appearance, she might not enjoy that kiss that you want to give her desperately.

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How to kiss a girl lip to lip

Now that you know how to prepare for that kiss, here’s how to kiss a girl lip to lip

  1. Make physical contact with her by touching her hair or hand. Compliment her. Tell her that she looks stunning in the dress or makeup she is wearing.
  2. As you touch, you should be maintaining eye contact with her as you move your head towards hers.
  3. Tension will build up. This is the opportune time to determine if she is willing to be kissed or not. In case she kind of pushes you away, stop but continue holding her hand. Here’s something you should know; a girl only enjoys a kiss if she wants it. So don’t force her.
  4. If it becomes clear she wants the kiss, tilt your head and move towards her with your lips split. Tilting helps to prevent your noses from colliding.
  5. Proceed to kiss her slowly and passionately. You should stick to one lip at a time.
  6. During the process, touch her hair.
  7. Your tongue should not wander around her face. Also, make sure that there is not much saliva in her body.
  8. After the kissing moment, you can just stare at her for a moment. You might not be in a position to talk now that your heart is beating.
How to Kiss a Girl Like a Pro

That’s how you give a girl a kiss like a pro. Since you have read this, you don’t need to keep thinking that “I don't know how to kiss a girl.” You have what it takes to take your woman to paradise for a few moments.

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