List of 2016 Adventure Films

List of 2016 Adventure Films

It came back again, after the bang that the 2015 movie year had, 2016 was even better. The glamor, the immense adventure, all of it, once again. If you ask me, a mad fan, I can very well say that these adventure movies are getting better and even more adventurous.

List of 2016 Adventure Fillms

Even though it was not such a great year for the movies in terms of numbers, the ones that came out, were simply epic. The adventure films brought light into the new generation of movie production, a good example, an all-time favorite Deadpool. As expected we shall look at the list of adventure films that topped the IMDb chart for 2016.


(R|188mins|Rating 8.0|Score 65

List of 2016 Adventure Films

The wildly humorous fast-talking hero rocks this movie. Being a result of an experiment, his fast healing capability makes him seek revenge to his tormentor.

Rogue One:A Stars Story

(pg. 13|133min|Rating 7.8|Score 65)

List of 2016 Adventure Films

The daughter of an Imperial scientist joins rebels, the Rebel Alliance attempts to steal the Death Star.

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Captain America: Civil War

(pg 13|147mins|Rating 7.8|Score 75)

List of 2016 Adventure Films

Due to much involvement in politics, a rift ensues between the two Avenger leaders, Captain America and Iron Man.

13 Hours

(pg 13|144mins|Rating 7.3|Score 48)

List of 2016 Adventure Films

An attack on a US compound in Libya leaves soldiers trying to figure out everything under the intense chaos at the place.

Deepwater Horizon

(pg 13|107mins|Rating 7.2|Score 68)

List of 2016 Adventure Films

It is a real-life dramatization of the worst oil spill in American history back in 2010.The rig, Deepwater Horizon created a huge explosion.

Star Trek: Beyond

(pg 13|122mins|Rating 7.1|Score 68)

List of 2016 Adventure Films

The crew, U.S.S Enterprise explores the furthest places in space where they encounter an enemy who puts them and everything they stand for to test.

X-men: Apocalypse

(pg 13|144mins|Rating 7.0|Score 52)

List of 2016 Adventure Films

The resident superheroes reunite again to save the world from the first mutant Apocalypse and his evil plan.

The Magnificent Seven

(pg 13|132mins|Rating 6.9|Score 54)

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List of 2016 Adventure Films

Seven very good gunmen team up to work against the savage thieves that cause havoc in a remote village.

Warcraft: The Beginning

(pg 13|123mins|Rating 6.9|Score 54)

List of 2016 Adventure Films

An Orc Horde invades the Azeroth planet using a magic portal. Few humans and dissenting Orcs must try to stop this and all evil.

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Free State of Jones

(R|139mins|Rating 32|Score 32)

List of 2016 Adventure Films

An army deserter heads home to lead an army militia of fellow Confederate deserters and women against the local corrupt Confederate government.

Moana I

(107mins|Rating 7.6)

List of 2016 Adventure Films

Moana helps out demigod Maui to set things right in the ancient curse in Polynesia.

Doctor Strange

(115mins|Rating 7.5)

List of 2016 Adventure Films

On his way to healing, a brilliant neurosurgeon is drawn into the world of mystic arts.

The Legend of Tarzan

(110mins|Rating 6.3)

List of 2016 Adventure Films

Tarzan goes back to his home in the jungle to investigate the mining experiments reported.

Assasins Creed

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(115mins|Rating 5.8)

List of 2016 Adventure Films

Callum Lynch finds out about his ancestor Aguilar before going on to tackle the Templar.

The Accountant

(128mins|Rating 7.4)

List of 2016 Adventure Films

A math savant uncooks the books for a new client but the Treasury Department might not be too happy with this act.

The Brothers Grimsby

(83mins|Rating 6.2)

List of 2016 Adventure Films

A top spy is forced to team up with his brother in a top secret mission.


(92mins|Rating 5.8)

List of 2016 Adventure Films

A risk management officer must decide whether or not to terminate an artificially made humanoid being.

Gods of Egypt

(127mins|Rating 5.6)

List of 2016 Adventure Films

Bek teams up with Horus to fight Set who has taken over the throne of Egypt.


(116mins|Rating 5.3)

List of 2016 Adventure Films

A group of paranormal enthusiasts teams up to fight the ghost invasion on earth.

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(109mins|Rating 6.2)

List of 2016 Adventure Films

Gloria a party girl leaves her home to Seoul where a giant creature is wreaking havoc and she realizes that she is somehow connected to it.

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Jason Bourne

(123mins|Rating 6.6)

The most dangerous criminal on the CIA’s list is uncovered to reveal more truths about his past.

The adventure films list we have just looked at above features the best rated of the year. Though the ratings look a bit disappointing, the movies are great. They also cover the adventure movies top 10 for the year 2016.They garnered the most votes giving them an edge over the rest of the 80 titles that were produced as per 31 December 2016.

Again, as in 2015, the adventure films top the charts of the most viewed genre as most of its views record. The adventure movies collection is surely a force to flow with. Keeping up with it will guarantee you a lot of fun, trust me, I’ve tried.

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