Ghana Health Service in need of doctors

Ghana Health Service in need of doctors

The Northern Regional Health Services recently brought forward a report of the deteriorating health services in the Northern Region parts including The Upper West, Upper East and Brong Ahafo Regions.

Ghana Health Service in need of doctors

Ghana Health Service

The report lamented on the lack of medical practitioner in the region leading to many of the people suffering. Many are turned down at the health centers due to the overwhelming number of patients.

This task of stabilizing the health sector in Ghana was listed as one of the functions of the Ghana Health Services. The unwillingness of medical practishoners who have finished internship to join the health centers in the Northern Region has been a major cause of the health crisis.

The sentiments were shared by the Director General of Ghana Health Service, Dr. Anthony Nsiah-Asare who conveyed a conference to address the emerging issues. He talked of a systematic approach that will be used to post newly trained doctors to the most affected parts of the country. He said that the approach was already in place and that soon the health centers in the Northern Regions will start receiving qualified medical practitioners.

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The complaints by the Northern Regional Health Service was mainly centered around the current trend of unwillingness of trainees to join the Northern Regions, the health status will be brought to its knees.

Ghana Health Service in need of doctors

His concerns were further shared by the Region’s Deputy Director of Public Health, Dr. John Abenyeri. According to the latest posting results, not even a single doctor had been posted to the Northern Regions which comprises of the Upper East Region, Upper West Region and Brong Ahafo Region.

The director of the Ghana Health Service during an interview made clear of his strategic plan to strengthen the health sector in the Northern Regions. He assured the affected that the current system that has been put in place will solve the health crisis in the Northern Region.

The Ghana Health Services director further commented that the system of posting physicians to their working stations will favor the Northern Regions. He also urged the doctors who had finished their internship to take initiative and be willing to help the affected in the Northern Regions. The sake of the state of the health in the Northern Region solely laid in the doctor’s hands.

He observed that during the Ghana Health Service recruitment, most of the graduated interns preferred to work in the Southern Regions. He was in charge of the financial clearance of the doctors during the process. Only a few number of physicians were willing to be posted to the Northern Regions. Also during applications, majority of them proposed to work in the Greater Accra and the Ashanti Region.

Ghana Health Service in need of doctors

Among the Ghana Health Service policies put in place to solve the health crisis were incentives. This included housing privileges for the doctors in the Northern parts. The doctors will be offered free housing services unlike their counterparts who pay their renting expenses in the Accra region. This is supposed to urge the physicians to save lives in the Northern Regions as there help is greatly needed.

He also encouraged the authorities in the Northern, Upper East, Upper West and Brong Ahafo regions to create a conducive environment that will attract the physicians. It was there responsibility to ensure the safety and improved living conditions of the doctors.

The people in the Northern Region are hopeful that the current system of posting doctors to their areas will help them in accessing quality health services. They also urged the doctors to be willing to avail their expertise in the nearly crippling health sector. The doctors were urged to check the Ghana Health Services Website to see where they would have been posted to.

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