Staunch feminist responds to Ace Ankomah's Facebook comment

Staunch feminist responds to Ace Ankomah's Facebook comment

- Dela Goldheart has finally responded to Ace Ankomah's post on Facebook

- She has accused him of committing the same 'sins' he accused her of

- She said he is full of "borla" knowledge

Staunch Ghanaian feminist, Dela Goldheart, has finally responded to popular Ghanaian legal practitioner, Ace Ankomah after the latter wrote a series of posts regarding her opinions on women's responsibilities in marriage.

In the first letter specifically directed to the popular legal practitioner, Dela Goldheart starts out by telling Ace Ankomah that she has quietly observed him deliberately misrepresented her words.

In her rebuttal to Ace Ankomah's comments regarding her views on gender roles in a marriage, Dela Goldheart said believing that he is too enlightened to be enlightened was his "first act of stupidity."

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Dela Goldheart

Credit: Dela Goldheart Facebook

"The truth is, not everyone who points accusing fingers at others is "clean". What you demonstrated these past few days showed that there are many mentally unstable men in respectable suits in our society," Dela Goldheart wrote.

Dela Goldheart goes on to call Ace Ankomah a shameless liar, and says that Ace Ankomah's words in the past few days have shamed the "respectable profession" they both practice.

"Even if I had gone below the belt, a seasoned lawyer who advises people for a living should have gone higher and said “my daughter, this is how it is done.

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Dela continues on to accuse Ace Ankomah of committing the same crimes he accuse her of committing, and hinting that some of his followers only agreed with his comments solely because he's the one who said them.

"How do I let you see that you are full of “borla” knowledge covered in false pride? How was I going to explain to you that no one stops learning until they die and children teach adults?" Wrote Dela.

In a pointed comment directed at the seasoned legal practitioner, Dela Goldheart commented on Ace Ankomah's recent social media post regarding his household cook. She said families like Ace Ankomah's have gotten enough money out of exploitation of others in Ghana.

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She went on to say that out of all the comments Ace Ankomah made in the last three days, it was that he had not enjoyed privilege.

"If something made me angry in every sentence you have thrown at me this past three days, it is that particular one that insisted that you did not enjoy privilege. Clearly you cannot see it and you are too arrogant to calm down and be shown."

In her conclusion, Dela Goldheart says that if women who came before her were "unquestioning of the status quo", other women like Ace Akomah's own wife would still have to stay home to cook, breed, and remain at the beck and call of men like him.

Checkout Dela Goldheart's response in full below:

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