Side effects of cleanshield liquid supplement

Side effects of cleanshield liquid supplement

God created man and put him in a garden of abundance. All natural is what he provided man to feed on. Inside of him he put an organ so powerful it detoxifies anything he ingested; liver. From then to modern day, a lot has changed. Man has revolutionized and industrialized everything. Including supplements that provide substances to our bodies the liver would naturally produce.

Side effects of cleanshield liquid supplement

Clean Shield is a “detoxifier” that focuses mainly on your body’s pH levels, so they say.

Research has it that, for your body to work at its optimum, 20% acidity is required, but when in excess it can encourage the development of ailments as cancer, bacterial growth among others.

The developers at clean shield put their product’s pH at over 11, considering the alkaline index maxes out at 14; clean shield is a highly alkaline product.

All-natural: that is what product marketers use to signify safe and healthy, but is it really healthy?

What side effects do clean shield liquid supplement pose?

Beginning with the basics; it is an industrial product and thus is made of chemicals. It is a drug in itself. Its introduction into the body as you ingest begins the body’s metabolism. It is treated as a toxin and thus the liver comes to work.

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However as it poses chemical components similar to those produced by our liver; it would prove toxic for your liver to detoxify itself. As such, it can lead to a state of liver shutdown.

Side effects of cleanshield liquid supplement


Food supplements are categorized as foods and thus they are not subject to much speculation and quality standard tests as pharmaceuticals. Chances of sneaking a contaminant are high. And since standard regulations do not necessarily mandate listing of all product ingredients, there is a possibility that the content you are consuming is not what is on the label.

Our body’s physiology has varying conditions for performance. The side effects of clean shield would be felt by the disruption in the normal routine. Our body’s enzymes for one do not possess similar optimum working level characteristics. Enzymes in the stomach are more pro acidic compared to those in the mouth which are pro-alkaline. Since clean shield is a high alkaline product, the stomach acids would have to create a compromise and our body has to work to restore the stomach’s acidity to resume the enzymes’ normal levels.

The body is one wonder with which to full complement, is close to impossible. Yeah, science might have made tremendous steps in unlocking some of its secrets but to provide an artificial product in place for a naturally produced substance would be futile, if at all it works.

Disclaimer: Clean shield side effects presented in this content is for educational purpose only. They by no means aim to outdo the advice of a medical professional.

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