List of 2015 thriller films

List of 2015 thriller films

Thriller. Supposedly, they bring the thrills whenever you watch them, whether as individuals, a group or even better, with your date on a date-night at home. This movies are not for the weak hearted(no offence)or those who get frightened easily.

List of 2015 thriller films

Though they are not entirely scary, they contain those scenes that bring the goose bumps into your body. Those that cause you to double check the doors if you had locked all of them.

These thriller films as rated by the IMDb have their increasing thrill as per the number of stars they manage to attract to themselves through their premier period, mostly defined by the number of votes cast on them internationally. Funny enough, the number of thrilling scenes is what defines these thriller movies best. Care to take a journey through IMDb thriller movies top holders?

Between You and Me(117 min|Rating 9.5)

Here two characters of very diverse personalities meet and create a bind, a force that should never have been created. It comes as no surprise that this tops the list, it simply is perfect.

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Something Happens Here(127 mins|Rating 9.5)

Becky meets David and is introduced to his loving family. All is well until Becky realize what kind of a person David is and the extent he would go to make his family grow and expand.

List of 2015 thriller films
What Jack Built

What Jack Built(117 mins|Rating 9.2)

What is Jack building in the cellar of his home? What is that weapon intended to do? Does it have anything to do with this creature in the woods?

The Scarf(110 mins|Rating 9.1)

A Korean filmmaker Allan goes to hike with his wife Samantha when she vanishes mysteriously. His drug addict sister then moves in with him to try and find out what happened to her.

Inside the Mind of Psychopath(96 mins|Rating 9.0)

A famous rapist Tila is awaiting his trial while writing the story about his life in a maximum security prison. A journalist also obsessed with his story also works to get it until…

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An Imperfection(88 mins|Rating 8.9)

When a young woman finally starts to date a good man, they are attacked by a gang where there imperfections are revealed.

List of 2015 thriller films

Behind Every Door(107 mins|Rating 8.9)

Stacy has just left their relationship and is at her apartments with her friends. An intruder has broken in and they have to hide and hope not to be found.

Charlie, Trevor and a Girl Savannah(93 mins|Rating 8.8)

This is a thought provoking thriller about the reality that dreams come with to us. Charlie is having nightmares about Savannah, but, are they true?

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Swansong(74 mins|Rating 8.8)

A famous pop star has his life spiral downhill that even his wife left him. He kidnaps her and her lover and is heading out of London in a tub full of poison.

Imperfect Sky(115 mins|Rating 8.8)

Brothers reunite after being separated at adolescence, the 16 year old trying to get through college, the 21 year old, a heroin addict, takes life hard at the streets to survive.

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Not For Children(107 mins|Rating 8.8)

A senior pathogen scientist goes missing in Munich when an alarm is raised and violence erupts all over.

List of 2015 thriller films

Becoming the Reaper(99 mins|Rating 8.8)

Damien the main star just learns that death is just the beginning.

RangiTaranga(149 mins|Rating 8.7)

A series of mysterious events follow a man and his wife after they move to their ancestral home

The Two Pamelas(91 mins|Rating 8.7)

A young woman awakes to a lifeless body beside her in a casting directors’s office. She does not remember anything that happened to her.

The Last One Left(100 mins|Rating 8.7)

The groups of co-workers are locked in a room and are questioned by their boss one at a time on a crime they might or might not have witnessed.

Thani Oruvan(160 mins|Rating 8.6)

Siddrath an exceptional scientist is involved in a series of malpractices. Mithran decides to expose him.

List of 2015 thriller films

Interrogation(117 mins|Rating 8.6)

Four people are arrested and tortured on crime they know very little of. All hope seems lost when the events take an astonishing turn.

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Ashes(100 mins|Rating 8.6)

After the demise of his wife in a devastating fire, Jonathon turns into a drunkard with nothing else to hold up to.

Trapped(56 mins|Rating 8.6)

Five strangers have to take refuge in an abandoned apartment. However, when the supplies come to an end, they have to make terrifying decisions.

List of 2015 thriller films

Hidden Assets(100 mins|Rating 8.5)

A woman seeks the help of the help of an ex-cop to find the money her unfaithful husband escaped with. She soon discovers that she is not the only one she has deceived.

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The thriller movies list above contain those that took the world by storm for the year 2015.They also represent the thriller films best as they take the highest ratings worldwide.

Take it from me, you can do this thrillers, if you have the heart to. Try them out.

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