Latest Infinix Phone and Price in Ghana 2018

Latest Infinix Phone and Price in Ghana 2018

When discussing smartphones in the African continent, the Infinix phone brand is a name that will feature prominently in your discussion. Ghana in particular is one of the African countries that has fully embraced the Infix brand. So far the feedback is quite amazing both for the locals and the smartphone manufacturing company. If you are youth looking to upgrade or transition into the smartphone world, your options are quite much more so with the latest Infinix phones hitting the market. The following article contains a brief of some of the Infinix phones you need to buy in 2018.

Latest Infinix Phone- Price in Ghana 2018

Latest Infix Phones in Ghana

A phone like any technology gadget has a lifespan attached to it. What this means is that the smartphone you bought some years back is or will become obsolete. While this may look like a huge drawback, there is one huge benefit that this option presents and that is the opportunity for better and more advanced phones. If you are looking to buy an Infinix phone the good news is that the manufacture has made it entirely possible to get one in Ghana at cost-friendly prices.

Latest Infinix phone and price

When it comes t buying an excellent smartphone in Ghana, it all comes down to two important things; the phone’s price and performance. The infinix phone brand manufacturer understands that and has modelled its phones to fit into the pocket of every Ghanaian. Literally! More than ever before you will be able to find in Infinix a phone that is both affordable and functional at the same time. When talking about this, I’m not only talking about one specific phone but rather the brand in totality. Don’t be left out this 2018; the following are some of the smart phones worth your time and money.

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Infinix X559 Hot 5 Lite

Latest Infinix phone- Infinix Hot 5 Lite

Currently, Infinix X559 Hot 5 Lite is the latest infinix phone in the Ghanaian market after it’s official release date on August 2017. If you are a smart phone lover, this is the phone that will suit your needs perfectly. The phone comes with a more prominent 5.5” display screen that makes everything about the phone superb. Performance wise, the Infinix X559 has a Quad-Core CORTEX 1.3GHz processor that runs on XOS operating system based on Android N. The phone’s battery capacity is 4000mAh and can last you more than a whole day with minimal usage. The best part about all this phone is that with all the features you get the phone at an affordable cost of GH¢414.

Infinix Note 4

The other great Infinx phone you should consider purchasing this 2018 should be the Infinix Note 4. This phone comes with a 6GB RAM, a 16GB ROM and an Octa-core, 64bit 1.3GHz processor. Any photo lover will fall in love with this phone for its 5.7″ inch HD display, 13 Mp man camera that comes with an LED flash light and an 8 MP front camera. Get this infix phone at a price of GH¢680 only.

Infinix Hot 3 Pro

Latest Infinix Phone- Infinix Hot 3 Pro

The infinix Hot 3 Pro should not at any point miss on your list of latest Infinix phone 2018. This phones runs on the Android 5.1 Lollipop Operating System and is super fast thus making it ideal for the youth generation. In addition to its impressive operating system, this phone comes with amazing front and back camera, 2MP and 8MP respectively ideal for your photos. Battery wise, the Infinix Hot 3 Pro supports a 3000mAh battery capacity. The phone also comes with a 3G and WIFI connectivity and you will be able to get it at GH¢674.44

Infinix S2 Pro

Latest Infinix Phone- Infinix S2 Pro

Another latest Infinix phone in the market is the infinix S2PRO. This is Infinix’s first smart phone device that comes with two front cameras one of which can take a wide-angle selfie known as” WEFIE ”. The infinix S2PRO is a phone you will take with you on any occasion and more so one involving picture, thanks to its sleek design and high-resolution cameras. You can purchase this phone at any Ghanaian shop outlet for the price of GHS 650.

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Infinix Smart

Latest Infinix Phone- Infinix Smart

Though the Infinix Smart phone does not fall into the category of the latest Infinix phone in Ghana, its presence is worth mentioning. The Infinix Smart phone makes a perfect entry-level phone. Despite its simplicity, it contains all the important features you will want to have in a phone. It comes with an Android Nougat operating system a dual micro SIM card slot, a 5” screen display and an 8 MP back camera. Al these features are accessible to you at the cost of GHS 370 only.

The above are some of the latest infinix phones and prices in Ghana. You don’t have to break the bank to own a handy and affordable smart phone this 2018. Research your options bearing the above list in mind before making any firm decision. One thing is sure is that regardless of your net worth is, the Infix smart phone has its network well covered in the Ghana tech market and you will never miss out the device you are looking for.

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