Fake Pastors in Ghana Exposed

Fake Pastors in Ghana Exposed

Not all that call me father, father, shall enter the kingdom of God - A well known phrase from the Christian Holy Book. It is evident there are people who are wolves in sheep’s clothing hiding in church and conning people into believing they are God sent. These fake pastors in Ghana have been exposed, finally!

Fake Pastors in Ghana

With church planting booming in Ghana, it’s not surprising to hear that ‘men of God’ are now looking for dubious alternatives to tighten their ranks in the ministry. Those that read the scripture are quick to identify fake pastors and prophets as Jesus Christ warned his disciples to be wary of false prophets who would deceive people in the end times.However, there is nothing much these faithful can do besides watching suspiciously from a distance as the Ghana religious freedom protects such pastors unless proven beyond doubt to be running criminal activities. Exposed below are some of the alleged false prophets in Ghana to be wary of.

Fake Pastors Exposed in Ghana – the Tale-tell Signs

Selfish people with ulterior motives, these greedy pastors are after money, the method used notwithstanding. Some telling signs of fake pastors and prophets include;

Doing things that have always been associated with evil powers and convincing people they are right, like consulting the dead.

Making weird requests like asking their lady audience to take their inner wears to them for prayer sessions.

They also have very high ‘consulting fees’ that scream-I need money!

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Fake Preachers Exposed

The alleged fake pastors in Ghana have been exposed mostly by spiritual leaders who claim revelations on the same. They include;

Prophet Kofi Yirenkyi

Fake Pastors in Ghana - Prophet Kofi Yirenkyi

Popularly known as Jesus One Touch, Kofi’s name pops first in discussions of fake preachers exposed. As the phrase goes, you shall know them by their actions. Jesus One Touch was once arrested and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment on claims of defiling his 10-year- old daughter. Freed later, still a huge section of the Ghana public still believe he is fake.

Bishop Daniel Obinim

Fake Pastors in Ghana - Bishop Daniel Obinim

With weird requests of pants and brassieres to be brought to church, Obinim has tongues wagging that he is a fake. The tons of scandals surrounding Obinim have made him synonymous with controversy. Former President Jerry Rawlings out rightly described him as a fake man of God.

Nicholas Osei

Fake Preachers Exposed - Nicholas Osei

This leader of Heaven Gate Chapel uses vulgar language that makes even the unfaithful call him a fake prophet. He is popularly known as Kumchacha.

Pastor Boateng a.k.a Apae Live

Fake Pastors in Ghana Exposed - Pastor Boateng

The general overseer of the Great Light Worship Center has been criticized for performing outlandish miracles. His most hilarious claim is making a barren woman instantly pregnant.Yes, right!

Fake Pastors with Fake Miracles

Exercising the power of darkness while proclaiming the name of the Lord to cover it up, you will realize that most fake pastors and prophets in Ghana have weird nicknames - the first signal alert!

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