Kente Styles for Traditional Marriage 2020 (photos)

Kente Styles for Traditional Marriage 2020 (photos)

Kente styles usually integrate the use of a unique cotton fabric mixed with silk and sewed together to form a wonderful design of clothes. Kente styles have been used since the traditional days. They are like American translation of an ‘African suit.’

Top Kente Styles for Traditional Marriage

Kente styles for occasions usually vary so it’s important to know the different designs so as not to send the wrong message.

Kente styles have been used as a sign of prestige in the African culture. When you rock any design, you show how deep you are invested in the rich culture. Especially when you are attending traditional ceremonies.

Kente styles are becoming the new trend since it has become common to see celebrities rocking the kente styles on the red carpet. Initially, kente styles for men were limited but recently they have not been left out. There are different kente styles that are designed especially for men. Below we have highlighted some of the kente styles for occasions in which they are most appropriate.

Ghanaian Kente Kaba styles

Kente Wedding Styles 2020

We all know the glitz and glamor that comes with weddings. Especially with modern weddings, many people use it as an avenue to show off their taste in fashion. There are wedding themes where all guests are required to have a unique design that is similar to everyone, but the patterns should be different.

Top Kente Styles for Traditional Marriage

A couple says 'i do', Kente Style

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Kente styles for a wedding have not been left behind. Recently observed in most weddings, people are going for kente styles which are rich in color. The vibrant colors are woven together to form a unique pattern that is pleasing to the eyes. However, if you are a bit doubtful you can wear your normal wedding gown, but your bridal party should be groomed with Kente styles.

The patterns tell a unique story and have a specific meaning. The different colors that characterize kente styles are an important tool for creating the much need pomp in your wedding. You can also share the same pattern with your bridegroom. Your guests can have different patterns but on the same fabric. It’s good to see how much creative your guests can get.

Men attending weddings in African wear

The same applies for other joyous ceremonies. You can also utilize kente styles for engagement. It gives you a sense of royalty during this important day. It is attractive and will have on-lookers fixated on the ray of colors used, the lines and the shape. You can also use the kente styles to generate a pattern that can have a meaning.

Top Kente Styles for Traditional Marriage

Unique Kente Style

Kente styles for traditional marriage

It has become common for couples to go for traditional marriages in lieu of modern weddings. Traditional weddings are a perfect way to show off the different kente styles. All other aspects must well fit into the traditional theme.

This is the perfect time to show off Ghana’s richness in culture and heritage to the rest of the world. It also breaks the norm of the usual white gown that has become synonymous with every wedding. There are many top Kente styles for traditional weddings that make you stand out; it also tells people more about your fashion sense.

Men's African wear for wedding
Top Kente Styles for Traditional Marriage

Modernized Kente style

The men can wear a wrap showing the Kente design around their waist as belts or over their shoulders like a cloak of honor. For the theme of the wedding, you can preempt to the bridal party to all the Kente styles.

The wedding brings people of different ethnic groups and cultures together. But the kente styles can act as a unifying factor when all people wear it. It spreads a message of togetherness. You can go a step further and modernize old kente styles so that they appear unique.

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