Best 100 Cedis Business Ideas in Ghana

Best 100 Cedis Business Ideas in Ghana

Business is not all about those billion-dollar deals. Neither is it about the cheque signing and all that activity. That 100 Cedis can put you well on your way to becoming the next Bill Gates or rather near home, Aliko Dangote.

Best 100 Cedis Business Ideas in Ghana

So long as you have that profitable business idea in Ghana and entrepreneurial spirit, then you have all what it takes. Business ideas in Ghana are easy to implement and go through especially in Accra where the Kejetia stalls have added immense space to do open-air businesses e.g. selling foodstuffs in the market.

Some of these small-scale businesses in Ghana require less than the 100GHC as capital but have pretty high returns. A good example is the business of social media management for other people for a small fee. This is just but an example of what you can do in terms of business expansion on your side as there are more than 100 ideas that can be done under 100GHC’s.

Looking at the top 20 business ideas to start in Ghana with 100 Cedis or less, we come across some as;

  • Engaging in trade of internet domain names.
  • Working a copywriter
  • Book editing services
  • Trading phone Credit Cards
  • Customized bead making(necklaces and bangles)
  • Starting makeup services
  • Emceeing (MC) services.
  • Event Organizing
  • Graphic design
  • Buying layer and broiler for chicken rearing and selling
  • Buy and sell fresh tilapia.
  • Sell beverages and small snacks at events.
  • Startup on photography work(weddings/birthdays/freelance)
  • Home gardening for fruit and vegetable sale.
  • Blending and selling fruit juices(freshly prepared)
  • Be a fruit supplier.
  • Start ice and ice cream vending stores.
  • Start a Fashion Accessory Business
  • Beekeeping business for honey selling
  • Leatherwork accessories and T-shirt designing and embossing.

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Best 100 Cedis Business Ideas in Ghana

That is just but a fraction of the business ideas that exist to be implemented on the Ghanaian business platform. These small business ideas in Ghana are encouraged and supported immensely by the government since they only help but to support the small-scale economy of the country.

However, the government also supports creation of new business ideas that will also help to drive the country out of the monotonous ideas and that will also diversify the nature of the Ghanaian economy. These new business ideas in Ghana are also encouraged to be simple and those that can be set up in a small space and also have and require a reasonable amount of capital to start. This is mainly because also the government has initiated entrepreneurship programs all over the country to recruit those new ideas. If you have one, go for it! It really does pay, and these business ideas for Ghana are working to their advantage economy wise.

Best 100 Cedis Business Ideas in Ghana

If you have that marketable idea, don’t worry 100GHC’s can do it for you.

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