Kwadwo Nkansah “Liwin” 7 Unique Features

Kwadwo Nkansah “Liwin” 7 Unique Features

When watching a Ghanaian comedy film, everyone wants to see Kwadwo Nkansah “Liwin” featuring. His prowess in the comedy scene separates him from his peers and even some who came before him. These are the sentiments that are shared by most Ghanaian movie enthusiasts.

Kwadwo Nkansah “Liwin” 7 Unique Features

For you to be on the level Kwadwo Nkansah Liwin is, you have to possess inexplicable unmatched talent. This may be due to some characteristic you have that is unique or a common one that you have nurtured to perfection and in return, it sets you apart from the crowd. For example, the way he has perfected the use of local language in comedy to bring some fresh new things for the fans to enjoy. Some of kwadwo Nkansah Liwin's unique features are;

He is a very dynamic Actor

Some actors have issues when it comes to unusual pairings in movies. In Ghana, the problem is the different fractions in the name of Ghallywood and Kumawood. It was once believed that no one from one of the two factions would successfully work with another person from the other fraction. However, the audience is amazed at how kwadwo Nkansah manages to prove them wrong. He has managed to work with actors from Ghallywood and still managed to put out some amazing movies.

He comes up with unique and interesting characters in all his movies

When an actor displays the ability to change character in the different movies that they feature in, you have no other choice than to recognize their abilities. Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin manages to change characters in the different movies that he features in much to the amazement of his audiences. He changes character in the different movies so well thus making him a producer’s favorite actor which makes him feature in a lot of movies.

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He comes up with his own unique pattern.

A kwadwo Nkansah fan will tell you that he is a master of creating jargons. In most of his movies, he molds a new patter that he comes up with himself.

He is very disciplined

Kwadwo Nkansah “Liwin” 7 Unique Features

Kwadwo Nkansah with his son

Most people might think that “he does comedy; he should just be funny all the time”. But that is not the case. Kwadwo Nkansah is a very serious person both in his personal capacity and as an actor. In his personal capacity, he is a staunch Christian.

He is humble

Anyone who has ever come to contact with Lilwin will tell you how down to earth he is. He is an extremely humble individual who has never let his fame change who he is. If you do not know who he is, you can even fail to recognize him as he does not behave like a celebrity.

He is a very creative individual

He comes up with most of his characters and comes up with patterns in his movies. This is a display of high levels of creativity in the individual.

He keeps his audience laughing

Kwadwo Nkansah “Liwin” 7 Unique Features

Stubborn Old Man Vs Grand Son New Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin Funny Movies

Kwadwo Nkansah is one of the funniest actors in the local Ghanaian movie scene. His jargons are funny and his gestures in movies are funny.

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