Glo Ghana internet bundle packages

Glo Ghana internet bundle packages

The 3.9 star rated mobile network provider is not a disappointment when it does come to the provision of its network services and the internet bundles and packages. Customers appreciate the cool deals that the Glo Ghana sells for their internet bundle packages.

Glo Ghana internet bundle packages

The Glo Ghana internet bundle package deals are one of the best in the internet provision community. From their Unliminet data bundles to the cheap cost of their daily Glo Ghana internet bundles, you cannot help but just love the network. However, first of we shall look at how to configure the internet stings via the Glo network before looking at the bundles packages.

Glo Ghana Internet Settings

They argue it is impossible to live without internet in our modern world. I couldn’t agree less. Glo is ranked to have one of the fastest internet speeds in the continent and not only the country. What have you to wait for? There are two ways in which you can configure.

You can obtain a customer care number and call to get help. Talking to an agent however can take a long time. You can obtain other ways though of calling the customer care center.

But why suffer undergoing all this while you can do the same on your smartphone in the comfort of your own home? The manual settings can be done in the following very easy steps.

  1. Go to the phone Menu.
  2. Select on Wireless and Networks
  3. Access mobile networks
  4. Go to the Access Point Names(APN)
  5. Change the APN to read Glo, APN; Internet and the Authentication type: NONE or PAP.

Notable though is that this steps work for the android powered devices. However the APN is virtually the same notwithstanding the operating system your devoice subscribes to.

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Let us now look at the Ghana internet data bundle packages after we now have configured the internet settings.

Glo Ghana internet bundle packages

Glo Ghana Internet Packages.

The packages come in variety and their costs are also affordable. They each have their own amount of validity days. Storming on three good examples;

  • Gold package comes around for a cost of 18000GHC and is valid for 30 days.
  • Silver comes in for around 9600GHC and is also valid for 30 days.
  • Diamond is the most expensive with a cost of 30000GHC and lasting about 90 days.

Pretty good ones right? Let us now see the most common real deals.

Glo Ghana Internet Bundle Packages

Package Type Bundle Cost (GHC) Bundle Volume (MB) Validity(Days)

Personal 530 30 3

Weekly 750 70 7

Day Business 3000 300 30

Night Personal 3000 300 30

As we can see the deals are pretty good and the lasting days well within the limit of your want. The best way to access these bundles is by dialing the shortcode *127# from your phone. Here you will then have an option to choose the type of package of your desire.

You must agree that it cannot get any better.

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