8 reasons to wear Ghanaian waist beads

8 reasons to wear Ghanaian waist beads

Beads were and still are an important accessory all over Africa. Historically, bead making originated from the Yoruba tribe. The culture soon extended its roots to Ghana and thereafter helped the country get the title as the words largest producer of beads.

8 reasons to wear Ghanaian waist beads

This is after the culture was widely accepted by the Ghanaian people who made it part of their culture. They went further and even incorporated it into their fashion sense as women wore waist beads more and more and it became part of a beautiful woman’s identity as they flaunted them in an effort to attract the men.

Beads in general, are so important to the Ghanaian people to the extent that they put beads on toddlers, whether a boy or a girl, when they are born. If it’s placed on a boy, then he will remove them after a while but a girl will have to stay with them forever. Therefore, women from Ghana embraced the bead culture and found different ways to use them for fashion thus coming up with the idea of waist beads. Waist beads in Ghana have become an important accessory for women for the following reasons.

Waist beads in Ghana are a traditional women accessory

8 reasons to wear Ghanaian waist beads

As discussed above, waist beads in Ghana are a traditional women accessory that has been around for quite some time now. So, women pass the culture of wearing the bead to their daughters and the tradition keeps evolving while still incorporating its traditionalism.

  • Waist beads in Ghana are seen by modern women as a must have fashion accessory

Wearing waist beads is still a fashionable accessory as it was in the past. The difference is that nowadays it has been incorporated to different styles and modes fashion that even women who do not know about the of traditional aspect of wearing them are doing so for fashion.

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  • Waist beads are simply gorgeous

It has become very common to see women rocking waistline beads. The beads are mostly colorful. They are made from an assortment of differently colored beads which, in addition to making the ladies look marvelous, are a beauty to behold by themselves.

They give the wearer confidence

A woman who knows of how beautiful she looks, regardless of how she achieved the beauty, is more confident. Beauty gives a woman that little bit of confidence needed to take on the day. You will find women posting pictures of the beads on their waist with captions that seem to suggest they draw confidence from how the beads make them look.

8 reasons to wear Ghanaian waist beads

Waist beads are used by women as an empowerment tool

Women want to be proud. If there is something that women are proud of is their womanhood. Beads on women are a symbol of womanhood coming from the traditional culture. Beads on waist therefore act as a symbol of womanhood as only women wear them.

  • They give the woman a sense of sexuality

Sexuality is one of a woman’s strongest selling points. Sexuality is comprised of many things one of them being the physical attributes of a person. Waist beads from Ghana have been used by women as a way of increasing their sexuality as they help in enhancing their physical attributes. No wonder waist beads from Ghana are widely used by women all over the continent and world.

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  • Waist beads act as waist trainers

Beads on waists act as a good substitute to the waist trainer. They help women who are not comfortable with large waists to control the growth of their waists. They also help in shrinking the waists of women who want to make their already large waists small.

8 reasons to wear Ghanaian waist beads

Krobo traditional waist beads

They can be used as a weight watching tool for women

Waist beads act as a weight control and weight watching tool. They naturally tell you whether you’ve gained or lost weight by looking at the direction that the waist bead moves up your waist. When they keep rolling downward/ lower then you is losing weight but if the movement is reverse then you are gaining weight.

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