Top 15 American female names and meanings

Top 15 American female names and meanings

Naming of a daughter is one of the hardest task parents have to take. The name has to be well researched and unique. The American names for females must have a specific meaning that will guide the journey of the child through her life.

Top 15 American female names and meanings

American Female Names

Other names describe the situation in which the child was born in. Others are use the name of past great people in the society so as to carry their legacy on through the child. There is always special occasion for babies’ names for American girls.

No matter the case behind the naming, every name is unique and an identity of the child to the rest of the world. We have gathered some American names of female that are quite popular. The American female names have also been assigned their meanings.

List of American Female Names


It’s a Hebrew name which means wished for child. It was used in Biblical times as the name of the mother of Jesus. It has been used to mean the holy one. It has been in use for many centuries and has made its way in America.


It comes from the great Old English name with Aethelthryth, meaning noble one and strength. It also refers to the name of the sixth century saint who was respected and adored during the middle ages.

Top 15 American female names and meanings


The name means strong and valiant one. It was given to a baby with stunning beautiful and brown eyes. It was the name of a martyred saint during the 18th century. It has gain much acceptance in America.


The name means the ‘noble one.’ It describes a woman with a wild imagination and a great sense of adventure. It also brings the attributes of a quiet and thoughtful female. She is compassionate and caring to others.


It is a Hebrew name which means ‘Who is like God.’ It is the feminine form of the male name Michael. It has become popular in the U.S especially after the first lady Michelle Obama.


It has its origin in Old English meaning gentle strength. It describes a smart female with a warm heart for friendship. She also has leadership qualities.

Top 15 American female names and meanings


It’s an Irish name combining the values of power, strength, vigor and virtue. It also means the ‘exalted one.’ It describes a female who is in love with life. She has many talents in different fields and is a joy to her parents.


It’s a biblical name referring to the ‘follower of Christ.’ It describes a female who is cheerful and highly friendly to others. She tries her best to make everyone feel good about themselves.

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It is a French name meaning ‘strong as a bear.’ It describes a female who is a strong believer in her opinions. She values the opinions of others. She also cares for the well-being of others.


It is derived from the Romans meaning ‘healthy, strong.’ It describes a person who shows love to everyone. Most people have attributed the name to valentines’ day which is a day of love.

Top 15 American female names and meanings


It means ‘strength,’ and describes a female who is unique. The name became popular after the movie ‘Matilda’ premiered showing a girl with great intellectual gifts.


It’s a biblical name reminiscent of the of the seven archangels. It describes good news as they the angles announced the pregnancy and the birth of Jesus.


It is an English name meaning ‘knowledge.’ The name became popular in the U.S after the reality show actress Kendra Wilkinson premiered.

Top 15 American female names and meanings


It is an Irish name which means ‘hill.’ It describes a female who is ready to change the world in whichever possible she can.


It is an English name which means ‘bright wood.’ It describes a female who is highly motivated and uses her charms to inspire other people around her.

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