Gonorrhea symptoms in men

Gonorrhea symptoms in men

Gonorrhea is one of the Sexual Transmitted Diseases (S.T.I) that is caused by bacteria know as Neisseria Gonorrhoeae. The bacteria is also referred to as gonococcus. Read on .

Gonorrhea symptoms in men

Gonorrhea is transmitted via sexual intercourse with an infected person. Some men have a misunderstanding that the STI is transmitted through vaginal unprotected sex but also oral. It infects the urethra tube, the rectum, or the throat.

Men should have be properly versed with the ways gonorrhea is transmitted. It can spread through hugs, sharing swimming pools, toilet seats, sharing of bathrooms, sharing cups, plates or cutlery and it can spread through kissing. The bacteria can’t survive outside the human body for long time.

Gonorrhea Symptoms in Men + Photos

One thing that you should is that gonorrhea is symptomless STI. This means you can recognized if your partner is infected. Maybe even your partner is not aware of the infection. Immediately you discover that you have the following symptoms after unprotected sex, seek treatment.

Gonorrhea symptoms in men

Gonorrhea Symptoms in Man

  • Yellow or green discharge from your penis
  • Swelling of the foreskin
  • Frequent need of urinating
  • Bleeding, itching or discharge
  • When you feel pain when urinating/ maybe feel a burning sensation
  • A rare symptom is tenderness in the testicles.

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Infection of the rectum, throat or the eyes may also develop. The rectum causes a real discomfort, pain and also discharge. The throat causes no symptoms but the eyes infection can cause swelling, discharge and severe irritations.

Gonorrhea symptoms in men

Long Time Effects of Gonorrhea

Once you notice the symptoms above you should seek treatment promptly to avoid long-time effects of gonorrhea infection. It causes epididymitis in your tract, inflammation. If you still go untreated, you can experience hardships in the flow of your sperms, which will result to infertility. Some feel ashamed of saying there have the infection. It’s better to seek treatment to avoid such pains. Even though it is unknown of how the infection commonly causes infertility, still seek treatment.

Use protection every time you’re having sexual intercourse to be safe from the STI. If you have unprotected sex, being tested regularly can help. This to avoid more damage caused by the disease. Make sure, once you see those signs of Gonorrhea infection you avoid delay in treatments. The patience are also advised to avoid sex for about 7 days during the treatment period.

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