Truth about Ebony Reigns car accident

Truth about Ebony Reigns car accident

Eye witness report on Ebony Reigns car accident has left most of her fans distraught. The reports indicate that Ebony Reigns died on Thursday 8th February 2018 at 23:15 in a car crash that occurred in Bekyem and Nsuta Junction on Sunyani road.

Ebony Death - Eye Witness Report on Ebony Reigns Car Accident

The cruel hand of dead has dealt a blow to Ghana’s dance hall lovers. Ebony artist Priscilla Okpu Kwarteng aka Ebony Reigns was killed in a car crash on 8th February 2018. This sudden death of the Ghanaian dancehall queen has left many of her fans asking themselves why it had to be such soon. Ebony Reigns was in the company of her girlfriend Franky Kuri who also perished in the accident.

Ebony is Dead

For the lovers of dancehall music in Ghana it is a sad week. They have lost one of the best of ebon musician, Ebony Reigns. Ebony reigns died in a car accident that occurred in the Nsuta Bekyem Junction on February 8th 2018. The Ebony musician who was in the company of her bestie, Franky Kuri perished instantly with her girlfriend and a soldier in the crash. However, the driver survived the accident but is unconscious so far.

Ebony Death - Eye Witness Report on Ebony Reigns Car Accident

The queen of dancehall was returning from Sunyani to Accra after visiting her mother. This is according to her father who was saddened by the news of the dead of his darling daughter. Ebony Reigns was planning for a trip in the United States where she was probably planning to celebrate her 21st birthday on 16th of this month.

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Her body and those of her friend and soldier were transported to Mankraso Morgue. The departed were driving in a jeep that rammed into an oncoming VIP bus. However, it has not been conclusively ascertained on what was the immediate cause of the crash.

Ebony Musician

Ebony Death - Eye Witness Report on Ebony Reigns Car Accident

The state of Ebony had found their dancehall comfort in this wonderful Ebony Musician, Ebony Reigns. She was at the top of her game and had started ruling the world of dancehall music before the icy hand of dead claimed her soul. Most of ebony Ghana dancehall fans will miss her lovely and relaxing music.


Ebony Reigns has been a controversial figure in the music industry during her last short two years in the industry having quickly risen to stardom. Most of the controversies were surrounding her scanty dressing code. Most respectable Ghanaians were skeptical of her scanty dressing which they saw as being immoral and foreign. However, this was seen as a hypocritical gesture as most of them enjoyed her relaxing music despite her scanty dressing, which was perhaps part of what made her music lovely. Go thee well Ebony gh will miss you greatly.

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