7 Reasons you Can't Find Jobs in Ghana

7 Reasons you Can't Find Jobs in Ghana

The number of unemployed graduates in Ghana has been increasing every year since after finishing degrees, most graduates lose hope trying to find jobs. They end up staying at home, waiting for any chance of a job opportunity so that thy can at least earn. When it comes, the salary is usually dissatisfying but they are left with no other option but to take the job.

7 Reasons you Can't Find Jobs in Ghana

Jobs in Ghana have become so scarce that even for students with good grades end up on the same boat as others who do not have university degrees. It is rare to see job vacancies in Ghana since most of the jobs are acquired through bribery or through nepotism.

This has really questioned the education system in Ghana especially with the rise of Higher learning institutions. Some have spent five years job hunting but to no avail. Blame has been posted all around but mostly it circles back to the government. We have compiled a list of some of the reasons for the high cases of unemployment among the graduates.

The government

Blame has been passed to the government for increasing the number of expatriates who take up most of the listed of jobs in Ghana. Most of the jobs vacancies in Ghana are filled with people from outside Ghana. Many have urged the government to give the local people priority and consideration when it comes to hot jobs in Ghana. This way, they are able to support their families and eventually stabilize the economy of the country.

7 Reasons you Can't Find Jobs in Ghana

The retirement age

Another reason why most of the list of jobs in Ghana are occupied is that there has been no retirement age set for working class people. It has become synonymous these days to find aged people in high offices in Ghana. Even some of the hot jobs in Ghana are filled by old people aged over 60 years. This really denies the youth who have the vigor to take up some of the jobs in these offices. A pension plan should be put in place to ensure the aged are taken care of when they hit the retirement age of 60 years.

Scarce employment opportunities in Ghana

There is also a general lack of employment opportunities in Ghana. The few job vacancies in Ghana are meant to cater for the over a million graduates who are produced annually. The government needs to diversify the economy to create self-employment opportunities so that those graduates who fail at securing jobs among the listed jobs in Ghana, can employ themselves.

Poor Salary

Employers have also been blamed for offering a poor salary to the graduates. This really kills the morale of the graduates who have spent a fortune in financing their education. Education in Ghana especially in the Higher Learning institutions is quite expensive. This should be replicated in the amount of salary the graduates are paid in order to create a balance.

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7 Reasons you Can't Find Jobs in Ghana


The government also needs to set up policies to safeguard the interests of graduates. For example, they need to set up a minimum wage bill. This will ensure that the employers do not take advantage of their employees. They should also not tax certain little wages so that the graduates are left with something to take care of their families and themselves.

Betting Games

The government needs to set rules to stop the influx of betting games that have taken the country by storm. It has become really common to see the youth waste their money in soccer betting. Some even fail to look for employment with the hopes of winning the jackpot. This needs to be changed through laws that would lead to the reduction of betting games in the country.

Lack of Faith in On-line Jobs

Most people do not believe in on-line jobs while they can provide good sources of income. The graduates need to be familiarized with on-line jobs in Ghana. The Internet has brought forward a lot of opportunities that the graduates can take advantage of. Many people are making a fortune at the comfort of their homes through on-line jobs in Ghana. All they have to do is get the appropriate infrastructure and start off their careers. This would help immensely increase the number of jobs in Accra, Ghana.

7 Reasons you Can't Find Jobs in Ghana

For there to be adequate jobs in Ghana, there need to be a wide number of entrepreneurs in the country who are able to invest in the skills and knowledge of the graduates. This would create a lot of opportunities and help create more job opportunities in the market.

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