List of 2016 fantasy films

List of 2016 fantasy films

Fantasy films are most loved by people who like to imagine and let their minds travel to the unimaginable. These films are a mixture of fiction and thrill and they bring out innovation and creativity in the movie industry.

List of 2016 fantasy films

In 2016, the following were the best fantasy movies to watch;

The forest

This is a story of a woman who goes to Japan. She gets lost in a forest where she is tormented by ghosts. This movie got ratings of 4.8/10

The 5th wave

The aliens prepare to attack the world on the 5th wave. It is a story of a young girl who grows up in this world. This movie is among the best fantasy movies. It got a 5.2/10 rating.


A physics experts creates a gadjet that is able to bend space time. Things start to get peculiar and the thrill starts. It had a 5.5/10 rating.

The boy

This is a story of a woman who gets employed to a british home as a nanny and soon she finds out that she is hired to protect a doll that is possessed. This movie had a rating of 6/10.

List of 2016 fantasy films

Kung fu panda 3

Derived from the kung fu panda original movie, this is an exhilarating movie with new characters. Its all about fighting evil spirits. It had a 6/10 rating

Pride and prejudice and zombies

An amazing cast, that act as zombies. This movies is in the fantasy movies top of the list. This movie had an amazing rating of 7.8/10


Deadpool has healing powers, the idea is derived from x-men. This movie wast watched a lot and it attained a 8/10 rating.

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Gods of Egypt

This is a story with a set up like that of Egypt. Its up to god horus to set things right. Its ratings are 5.4/10.

List of 2016 fantasy films

The witch

This is an Indie movie whose story is about dealing with the evil that existed in the colonial times. This movie is amazing and was really anticipated for. This movie was watched by many and had a rating of 4/5


This is an animated movie, of a world where animals are like human beings because they talk dress and act like them. It had a 6/10 rating

Brothers Grimpsy.

The lead character in this movie is a superspy who has devices that help him and his brother save the world. It among the most watched fantasy films best. It got a 6.2/10 rating.

List of 2016 fantasy films


This movie is an occurrence of two girls who were quarantined and they find themselves on the inside, after a virus swipes out their town. They are left with a decision to make between who lives and who dies. It had a 5.5/10 rating.

Midnight special

A father realizes that his son has extra-ordinary powers, so they have to keep running in order to protect the son from a dangerous cult group who have interest in such powers. This movie is a mixture of fear thrill and fantasy all in one.

Before I wake

This is a story of a boy who keeps having dreams that are extraordinary every time he sleeps. His parents are worried and he is taken to other foster homes. A solution to the problem is however not concrete. This film appeared in the fantasy films top list, in attained a 6.2/10 ratings.

List of 2016 fantasy films


This is a low budget movie involving scientists who are able to change the time and take it forward in an hour. One person is sent and when this person comes back from the next hour he warns them and tells them that they will all die if they don’t turn the machine off. The thrill and fantasy begins to unveil. This movie had a 6.8/10 rating.

The huntsman

This story has snow white and the huntsman. The evil queen is fought. This is a superhero movie mixed with fantasy and action. It attained a 6.2/10 rating.

List of 2016 fantasy films


With a 7.9 rating, this movie is about alinguist who is hired by the military, to talk to aliens.

Kubo and the two strings

This movie is about a young boy who strives to get a ,magical suit from his father in order to fight the spirits. This movie had a 7.8 rating.

A monster calls

This movie is about a boy whose mother is sick and so he seeks help from a monster. It had a 7.5 rating.

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Doctor strange

A neurosurgeon in the journey of spiritual and physical healing he is drawn into the world of mystic arts. This movie has ratings of 7.5/10

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