Best Beads Making Tutorials to Make Money in Ghana

Best Beads Making Tutorials to Make Money in Ghana

Beads are a timeless art, a statement of fashion. Of all accessories and jewelry beadwork is the most versatile, ranging from the simplest to the most complex pieces. The best beads making tutorials to make money in Ghana will help you transform your bead making hobby into a multi-million venture.

Best Beads Making Tutorials to Make Money in Ghana

Most Ghanaian ladies find themselves beading during their free time almost by impulse. Something they do for leisure, I can imagine the look in their eyes if they realized the kind of money that lies in bead making. An age old art of beautification, bead-work has evolved overtime from seed/nut beads to the most expensive glittery jewelry. Here is what you need to know about bead making to make money in Ghana.

Beads for making jewellery

There are different beads made of different materials and in various shapes and sizes. The materials used for bead making include seed beads, bugle beads, roundel beads, bali beads ,Swarovski crystal beads, drop and lamp work beads. All these beads have different specifications and positions they eventually hold in the complete jewelry.

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Beads making for beginners

While an experienced person will have so many designs in mind waiting to be actualized, bead making for beginners might not be that versatile.With a little help however, it becomes a walk in the park. Assuming you have gathered everything you need to bead, what is your starting point now? Let’s look into the simplest beads making design to grow from.

Pea pod bead and wire pendant

Best Beads Making Tutorials to Make Money in Ghana

Bead and wire pendant designs are the easiest to make. All you need for this specific one is three beads of your desired matching colors,a wire and a lobster claw that is optional. The beads are wrapped into a pea pod to create a drop pendant that is hung on the wire and fastened by the lobster claw. You can alternatively make the diameter big enough to be worn without fastening.

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The most fantastic thing about this design is that you can customize it to fit different people. You don’t require costly materials and you can create many peapod pendants in a very short time, increasing the range of profit you can make from this project.

Bead and leather wrap bracelets

Best Beads Making Tutorials to Make Money in Ghana

Bracelets are very popular pieces of beads jewelry making. In fact, most people don’t get them off once they are worn. Incredibly versatile, you can play around with the bead size and wrap color to produce many different bracelets. The fact that it’s a unisex piece means you have a larger market for your work.

Two stitches that come in handy while designing patterns on beads for making jewelry are;

  • Brick stitch - This is easy and perfect for making shaped objects as it is relatively easy to increase and decrease off the edges. It’s most suitable for making simple beaded diamonds.
  • Flat spiral stitch - It’s the simplest of them all, used to make flexible beadwork chain that highlights a center crystal or bead. It’s popular because it can be made used with a wide variety of beads.
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Beads making in Ghana ​

Simple beaded jewelry designs are quite numerous. Even at the baby step stage, you can still make money by maximizing on the simple projects as you slowly try out harder designs. Beads making tutorials are easy to follow and you will be in a position to make money in the process.

What beats being paid to do what you love? If follow the tutorials discussed above keenly, you can make enough money for all your needs each month.

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