Physical signs and symptoms of ovulation period in women

Physical signs and symptoms of ovulation period in women

You might be wondering just how to identify the physical signs of ovulation that you experience towards your menstruation. Find out how in this article.

Physical signs and symptoms of ovulation period in women

What is ovulation?

Ovulation is the process by which a mature egg is released from the ovary for fertilization. It occurs once after 1 or 2 weeks after the beginning of menstrual flow. Every woman out there have millions of eggs that are released once per month for fertilization. The fallopian tube is the meeting passage of the released egg and the sperms. The fertilization of the egg and the sperm starts in the fallopian tube.

Most women have a menstrual cycle that last for about 28 to 32 days. Ovulation always starts in the 10th or 19th day, which counts to almost 12 – 16 before your menstruation period. Pregnant women don’t go through the ovulation process until there give birth. Women who are in there menopause, or taking family planning or the birth control pills have their ovulation irregularly or there miss it.

Physical signs and symptoms of ovulation period in women

How women predict their ovulation time

These tips are useful for those women that want to get pregnant. It is also suitable for those who are not ready for motherhood to now the symptoms for ovulation.

  • Menstrual charting

It’s a simple and easy way for tracking your ovulation time. All you need is to be keen on is the day your period starts and ends. 14 days before your period is your ovulation time. There symptoms for ovulation period like breast tenderness, increase in cervical mucus, bloating, mood swings and cramps.

  • Fertility Monitor

This monitor helps to identify your 2 most fertile days of evolution. It measures the aestrogen and Luteinizing hormone levels.

  • Ovulation kits

The ovulation kit detects the level of your Luteinizing hormone in your urine. It works best for women with regular ovulation.

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  • Monitoring of your basal body temperature

Your body temperature gradually dip and then rises when you’re closer to your periods.

Physical signs and symptoms of ovulation period in women

Menstrual charting

Symptoms of Ovulation Period

Signs for ovulation day vary in women, irregular or regular ovulation. Here are the signs of ovulation day that are common in most women.

  • Breast Tenderness

Women usually have sensitive nipples and breast. This is caused by the hormonal changes that will be occurring in your body.

  • Lower abdominal pains

You need to be disturbed because there are symptoms of ovulation pain. This sensation is referred to as Mittelschmerz. It causes the mild pain, but it lasts within a few hours. If the pain is severe you consult your doctor.

  • Light discharge or spotting

The spotting last for a very short period as a result of the rupturing of the follicle surrounding the mature egg. The bleeding is not red but brown or red-brown.

  • Changes in the cervical changes

When a woman is near her ovulation time, the body have an increase in production of estrogen. This causes the cervix to produce a white like stretchy mucus for the sperms to swim easily for fertilization. If the mucus is stretchy and sticky most likely, you are in your fertile phase.

  • Cervical changes

In most women, ovulation makes your cervix to become wider, softer, and higher. Its takes time to know the difference but to women that are more observant it is easier. The other symptoms can work with you.

  • Libido changes

Most women feel aroused and their sex desires increases during ovulation.

  • High Sense of Smell

Some women are sensitive to different smells it’s normal during the ovulation time. Your body is said to have an attraction of male pheromone androstenone.

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