Ben Ephson Latest Polls 2018

Ben Ephson Latest Polls 2018

Ben Ephson has been under a lot of attack following his presidential predictions which were considered controversial. However, the pollster continues to maintain his stance and remains unperturbed by the ongoing around him. According to the dispatch newspaper managing editor, president Mahama will have a one touch win with his ruling party the national democratic congress. This is despite the fact that the polls have recently been showing that the opposition leader is way ahead of his opponent.

Ben Ephson Latest Polls 2018

According to Mr. Ephson the explanation behind the seemingly absurd prediction is that there is no way a new party, new patriot party would win the election regardless of how good their candidate was. Due to this controversial results, the veteran journalist has had it rough with some of the supporters of the opposition. In fact he has had to contend with some youths from the opposing camp marching to his house to demand for answers. Ben Ephson is however undeterred by what is happening as he expressed on one FM radio station that circumstances would not be a reason for him to be deterred.

Ben Ephson, daily dispatch editor is determined to continue running polls that indicate the real happenings on the ground and is not interested in what people’s feelings about the statistics on the ground would be like. Just because the opposition feels popular enough may not be a real representation of how people would vote, at least not according to what Ben Ephson polls indicates.

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Ben Ephson latest polls

According to his latest polls, the pollster says that the NDC presidential candidate Mahama would garner himself 52.4% of the votes while his closest opposing rival of the NPP would garner himself 45.9% of the total votes cast. According to the pollster Ben Ephson, all the remaining 5 aspirants would not have any significant contribution to the poll as all their votes combined would account for only 1.7% of the votes cast. This is what the survey revealed.

Previous results

According to Ben Ephson, Ghana would make history by making Mahama the first president to garner more votes in his second reelection bid compared to the first round. The predictions would see him garner 1.77 percent more since his 2012 election gave him 50.63 percent of the votes cast. Taking a look at the 1992 elections, NDC candidate Jerry John Rawlings polled about 58.4% in his first win but dropped to 57.4% in his reelection bid in 1996. John Kufor the NPP candidate of 2000 won by 56.9% but his reelection bid saw him garner 52.45%. The Ghana electro system requires that a winning candidate wins by more than 50% to avoid a runoff like the one that took place in 2000 and 2008. This is the same spectacle that the recent presidential candidates sought to avoid.

Ben Ephson Latest Polls 2018

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Why the uproar?

The major reason why Ben Ephson news has caused a lot of noise in the public is because out of the many polls run by other sources, Ben’s has been the only one putting Mahama on the lead. The others which are run by a UK based firm and the Ghana University scientists have been rallying behind NPP as the new winner of the elections.

As it turns out, the NPP candidate won the election. Clearly, Ephson was wrong on this one even though he had been right on many other occasions.

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