African wear design Ghana: 2020 (photos)

African wear design Ghana: 2020 (photos)

African wear is unique and different compared to other styles around the world. With the diversity in African print you can be sure that you will be wearing something that stands out. Most African designers, Ghana designers in this case, are extremely creative that they can come up with different styles even when using the same fabric. Read on to discover what the Ghanaian fashion industry has to offer especially when it comes to understanding fashion styles.

Ghanaian latest African wear design 2019

Taking a closer look at the Ghanaian fashion industry you will realize that there is a close proximity to that of Nigeria and other West African countries. However, each country has its own distinct identity when it comes to fashion and this is what makes them stand out. Ghana has a lot to offer when it comes to finding the latest African wear. If you are looking for new styles then this is the place to start.

Latest African wear in Ghana 2020

There are different styles available in Ghana ranging from print to plain clothing. You will get new designs for ladies, men and kids. There is something for every person when exploring the Ghanaian fashion world.

Latest African print styles

It is almost impossible to visualize a complete Ghanaian fashion world without the bold prints with daring colors. It is almost impossible since this is the trademark of any cloth that passes as traditionally Ghanaian. Whether you are looking for a dress for a formal function such as an office dinner party or a more relaxed event such as a wedding or a children’s celebration then the print styles can never let you down. The designers in Ghana have a way of mixing prints to match the needed event. Some of the most common African prints include the Ankara, wax prints and the Kitenge.

Ghanaian latest African wear design 2019

Latest African wear for ladies

With modern trends coming up each passing day women are looking for new ways to stand out. This means keeping up with the latest African wear designs as invented by designers. Top on the list of these wears for ladies include:

- Hadiya African print wrap maxi dress

- Funmi chic pleated African print satin midi skirts

- Genent African print faux wrap maxi dress

- Folake African print jump suits

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When checking out the latest African wear styles it is advisable to consider the designer involved. Different designers are passionate about making different types of clothing. Women need to scout for designers that are passionate about making clothing for women. Search for a designer that specializes in making dresses, gowns, tops or wrappers depending on what you are looking for. This is the only way to get unique pieces that are specially customized for you.

Latest African wear tops

The options available for the latest African wear tops are endless and numerous. One that has featured constantly is the dashiki tops. These are versatile and can easily fit as both smart causal and causal wears. The Kitenge top is another interesting type of African wear. Tailors have evolved to the point where they are experimenting with styles. It is possible to find a Kitenge mixed with a different fabric material to make an excellent and classy African top.

Ghanaian latest African wear design 2019

Latest African styles for ladies

Ladies have a lot to choose from when it comes to African wear. The following are some of the latest styles that women can choose from. Check out the latest African wear styles for ladies in Ghana and other parts of the world.

1. Short skater dresses.

This are short knee length dresses that allows you to fashionably show a large portion of your legs.

2. Loose parallel.

This gives you an opportunity to turn any African fabric into anything you want with the help of a perfect tailor.

Ghanaian latest African wear design 2019

3. Baby doll dresses.

These are well suited for younger girls that want to look pretty and classy

4. Afghani diva look.

These are a perfect evening choice and they work especially well for people with large busts.

5. Slim waist impact.

This style works well for African women that enjoy showing off their waists. Choose printed leggings with a plain top to achieve the chic look.

6. The skinny colorful hipster.

Nothing says you are more African than when you wear this colorful hipster.

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With this much to pick from, Ghanaian women have a lot to experiment with when it comes to cloth choices. Play around with colors and prints t truly achieve a Ghanaian look.

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