Latest Kente Styles For Weddings in Ghana

Latest Kente Styles For Weddings in Ghana

Bright and colorful, the Kente cloth has been shedding its light on the world since 3 centuries ago. Yes, Kente has been around for 300,000 years now. Traditional attire for the Ashanti people of Ghana, it is very versatile and hence fun for the designers to play around with. Designed with the Ankara African cloth, these two bring out the best in you every time. Despite the occasion, you can never go wrong with latest Kente styles.

Latest Kente Styles

Where to get the latest Kente styles from Ghana

This fabric that has grown very popular has gone across borders into other African countries and also parts of Europe. In case you are wondering how to join the Kente badwagon, its right where you are. Designers are making Kente attires and selling them in boutiques. A good tailor can also be contracted to make you the latest Kente styles, as long as he/she is really good.

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Latest Kente and Ankara styles for the family

The Ankara cloth is so similar to Kente that often people confuse them. Complementing materials, latest Ankara Kente styles are similar too. Modern families are embracing this cloth for matching family clothes. With one material and different designs customized to each member’s satisfaction, family Ankara clothes are the new fashion. Most couples prefer having a dress for the lady and a matching dashiki shirt for the man, with a trouser made from ordinary material. A smaller percentage does Ankara all the way. Either way, both looks just rock.

Latest Kente Styles- latest Kente and Ankara styles for family

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Latest Kente styles for engagement

The moment you see a man and a woman walking together and dressed in matching African print clothes, you immediately assume it’s a couple. It’s for this exact effect that latest Kente styles from Ghana have become the number one option matters engagement. The bright, bold matching patterns scream ‘we are in love, notice us’. For modesty sake, majority of the ladies go for the long flowing dressing with wide necks and sleeveless arms for their engagement. The dresses are made to fit, holding the body at all the right places respectfully bringing out their best features. Most times they wear matching head gears to complete the look. The gentlemen wear Kente from head to toe during such events. Kente goodness beautifies not only the environment but also the mood.

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Latest Kente styles for weddings

Previously, African print was worn by the bridal procession, if it was even present in the first place. Things have completely changed. Brides are now rocking Kente and loving it! The latest Kente dress styles have quite a variety to choose from. The bridal team can wear short or flowing Ankara designs with matching heels. The groom’s side can choose between Ankara counter suits or dashiki shirts that compliment the dresses. Bold brides can choose to do Kente all the way. Yes, it’s doable and adorable. There are lots of designs for Ankara gowns. The best thing about them, the tail can be removed after the wedding and you keep your dress for other occasions. That’s like killing two birds with a single stone. Other brides are choosing to have an Ankara pattern blended into their modern white gown. This brings out tradition and modernity so beautifully.

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Latest Kente Styles- Latest Kente Styles for wedding

Latest African Kente styles – Kente accessories

The latest Kente styles 2017 brought the African accessory idea into the fashion world. Besides the original head gears that ladies wore to complement their flowing dresses, we now have earrings, bracelets and recently; the chokes. There hasn’t existed something more beautiful than Ankara chokes in the fashion world. Designed to be worn with the wide neck Kente dresses, the chokes are either completely or partially Ankara.

Renowned Kente and Ankara style designers

As we celebrate Ankara and kente, we celebrate the brains behind each of these beautiful designs. Here are a few celebrated African print designers that make the best designs.


Atlanta-based but born in Liberia, Charlene Dunbar the shops director makes African inspired dresses, jumpsuits, skirts, and accessories.


An online shop based in the UK, it sells attires made and sourced from Ghana. It also runs Sika shop for Ankara styles in Ghana.

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Totally Ethnik

This is a Ghana based brand that deals entirely in Ankara clothes and accessories.

Yetunde Sarumi

This is an African designer that specializes on Ankara lady wear. A philanthropic person, part of her lines returns are dedicated to Africa’s Daughters Foundation for charity.

What you can find in the Latest Kente styles in Ghana

Interested in becoming a Kente loyalist? Latest Ghanaian Kente styles have you covered. Kente designers make every trendy item in the fashion houses.

Guys’ wear

For the smart-casual look, there are counter suits and dashiki shirts. To look trendy and playful, men can find Ankara shorts, slim fit suits, sweat pants and dashiki hoods.

Latest Kente Styles- Guys wear

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Ladies wear

Ladies will never be able to exhaust what’s on offer for them. It’s like a wear dedicated to women. Dresses on their own have a thousand designs. Short and tight, long and flowing, maxi, sunny dresses, skater dresses and peplum, to mention but a few. Then there are Ankara tops that come in varied beautiful designs to wear with official trousers to work or jeans for a weekend out. In stock also are Ankara lady suits, shorts and even handbags.

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Kids wear.

Kids have assorted designs mimicking the adult version and a few playful items like Ankara themed boots and school bags.

Latest Kente Styles- kids wear

Kente is the heart beat of every African event now and it’s not ending soon as new designs spring up every day. If you can’t beat them, join them. The moment you think of changing your wardrobe consider Kente and Ankara and welcome the world of fashion exploration.

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