Latest wedding gowns in Ghana 2019

Latest wedding gowns in Ghana 2019

Whether it is a timeless ball gown, neckline, the elegant waist belt, an A-line, the adorable mermaid or the bold African dress, you definitely want to make a statement on your wedding day. This is the event that finally marks your getting to be with your soul mate. Chances are you have envisioned all this earlier. You are the lady of the day so all eyes are practically on you the whole time. Make your look jealously remembered by choosing the best dress among the latest wedding gowns in Ghana.

Latest Wedding Gowns in Ghana 2017-2018

Latest wedding gowns for wedding

You can’t choose from the flooded bridal shops easily if you don’t already know what you want. So the first question is, what do you want and how do you want it? That answered, you can now start your bridal shopping and find a desired dress that fits well with your body shape. Besides every other aspect, how well a dress fits can make it a hit or a miss. There are 4 main body shape classifications that determine clothes we wear. These are;

• Pear – The hips are wider than the shoulders and bust.

• Straight or Athletic – When your shoulders, bust and hips are roughly the same size and your waist isn’t much smaller then you belong to this body shape.

• Hourglass – ladies whose shoulders, bust and hips are roughly the same size but the waist is smaller have an hourglass body type.

• Inverted Triangle – This is for the people with the upper body larger than the hips.

Latest wedding gown designs

The latest wedding gowns are so many you literally will be spoilt for choice. You even wish you could wear a different dress at each point of the wedding program so you cover your entire favorites. Lets sample some of the designs a modern day Ghana bride can choose from.

Latest Wedding Gowns in Ghana 2017-2018- latest wedding gown designs

Wedding dress Silhouettes

This design has the largest semi-designs under it and is so far the most popular.

Empire wedding dress

These have a high waist that hugs the upper body with a straight or flowing skirt. It’s a simple yet stylish look.


Mermaid dresses hug the bust, waist and hips. They are figure flattering and mostly associated with expensive weddings.

A-line wedding gowns

These features a fitted bodice that flows to the ground creating a classic and unbroken silhouette. It’s the most worn as it fits into the body shop of most people; inverted triangle.

The sheath

Follows the body’s natural line and is good for slender bodies or the hour-glass body shape.

African wedding dresses

The latest African wedding gowns are flowing dresses made from Ankara material. Most are body hugging, suitable for the hour glass body shape. Other brides have decided to get a classy sophisticated look by adding a touch of African print on white wedding gowns. With the bright and bold colors and patterns, these are an excellent way of having a colorful wedding.

Latest Wedding Gowns in Ghana 2017-2018- African Wedding dresses

Wedding Dresses with a train

After the vows are said, the real party begins. Ghana weddings are particularly full of glam and activity so the bride needs to be free to dance and make merry. This dress gives freedom for this as the train is attached in such a way that it can be detached to give a normal dress at the reception.

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Wedding gowns with open shoulders

When worn by brides with full shoulders, they look incredible. If you choose this dress for your big day, consider accessorizing the neck as a lot of focus goes here. Wearing a beaded choker would be a great idea.

Latest Wedding Gowns in Ghana 2017-2018- Wedding gowns with open shoulders

Short wedding dresses

These look festive and gorgeous. You don’t have to wear a long dress if you are not a fan. Considering the amount of fabric used to make the flowing gowns and their layers, it’s understandable when some brides find it uncomfortable and stiff. It’s your big day and you need to enjoy it in something that allows you to have fun.

When the dress is short and sleeveless, its style on another level. To medium height ladies it’s confident, unique and attractive. It shows one is in touch with their personality.

Point to note, a short dress means the legs are totally exposed so you should consider having cute comfortable shoes, most preferably heels.

Trouser suits instead of wedding dresses

This is the most adorable fashion that joined the bridal runways. Done with expensive fabrics and royal colors, these suits are mostly three pieces for the bride and groom and a different color of the same for the bridal team. Quite unique, it would be adventurous to try this on your big day.

Peplum wedding gowns

In the new collections of latest wedding gowns in Ghana, designers have structured the silhouettes of bridal dresses using the peplum style and it has come out so perfectly. Made for the people that like to keep it simple yet classy, the peplum wedding gown looks like an upper skirt as the top layer cascades into its folds and flounces. It best fits hour glass figures as peplum flatters the hips.

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Wedding dresses with 3D effect

How beautiful and unusual would it be waiting for the bride and she walks in wearing a wedding gown with fluttering butterflies or flowers on the skirt or corset?! Wow! I see that expression! Although clothes with 3D have been designed already, this look appears so exotic on gowns. You can decide where you want the floral applications placed to make the dress suit your taste.

Simple trend of bridal dresses

As the saying goes, simple is the ultimate sophistication. The simple gown trend is gaining popularity quite fast. The material mostly used is silk and satin for their light volume and pearly shine. The graceful silhouette architecture is however maintained. Some people will want a bit of lace, say on the shoulders.

Latest Wedding Gowns in Ghana 2017-2018- simple trend of bridal dresses

Latest wedding accessories

Most of these wedding gown designs are not complete without being properly accessorized. The latest wedding accessories include unlaced veils, brooches, arm length gloves, thin simple necklaces and material chokers.

A properly selected and accessorized wedding dress looks spectacular and impresses guests. Most importantly ,looking good gives you the much needed confidence for your big day.

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