Kente styles: Trends in 2020 (photos)

Kente styles: Trends in 2020 (photos)

Kente is one of the most popular styles when it comes to African wear style. Apart from its distinct patterns and bright colors, Kente is the accepted traditional fabric for Ghanaians. Most people are working on keeping it intact with little to no alterations. Even so there are different ways that the Kente is worn adoringly. Check this out.

Latest Kente styles

When checking out the latest Kente styles in Ghana you cannot fail to notice that this style is very common in traditional weddings. While there may be different cultural presentations in the various sides of Ghana, the Kente fabric is one of those things that cuts across the ceremonies as it is used in all weddings.

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Latest Kente styles 2020

Kente brings with it a sense of belonging for Ghanaians and Africans at large. It continues to be a great choice for Africans and people abroad. With this rising demand there have been an increase in some of the latest Ghanaian Kente styles which has seen people adopt a sense of fashion and style. If you are going to stand out from the rest then choosing something unique like kente dresses is something you ought to do.

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Latest Kente styles for engagement

Kente works perfectly mostly for wedding and engagement gowns. Some of the latest African Kente styles are suited for weddings. You will be surprised just how well the color combinations as well as mixing of designs works well for attires for this events. If you are worried about a modern look then consider exploring the latest Ankara Kente styles which gives the traditional attire a modern look that will turn heads. Good news is that the Kente is perfect for dresses both short and long flowing, Kaba and slit as well as skirts. Whatever your preference is, you will always find something that suits your preference.

Latest Kente dress styles

Seeing pics of some of the latest Kente and Ankara styles is good enough to inspire you to want to stand out. The secret is to find a tailor that can mix the patterns designs and colors to suit your complexion and personality. It is said that your dressing makes a statement about who you are. The following are some of the pics that show you just how good you ought to look in one of the Kente attires.

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Latest Kente styles from Ghana

Styles for couples

A long flowing Kente dress with a head accessory of the same fabric for the lady goes well with a matching plain shirt with similar print either at the collar or button line for the man. With such bold prints you can be sure that you will make a statement that other couples will talking about for long and probably try to emulate. Alternatively, the man can go for a complete traditional look where he carries a matching scarf for the traditional attire.

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The official look

If you want to look the part in the board room meetings with an African touch to your attires then official Kente wear is your go to signature look. Turn your Kente attire into one that can work for every event.

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