List Of Recruitment Agencies in Ghana 2018

List Of Recruitment Agencies in Ghana 2018

The rising cases of unemployment have really caused a stagnation in the economy. There exists few job opportunities but many qualified applicants who sometimes scramble for the little jobs. It has become tedious for employers to go through the huge pile of applications which most end up in the trash bin.

List Of Recruitment Agencies in Ghana 2018

Recruitment agencies tend to solve this problem. They do all the hard work of advertising for job vacancies, they go through piles of the application letters and eventually send you a list of the most qualified candidates. You are saved the time it takes to advertise and do interviews of all the candidates.

There are many recruitment agencies in Ghana which deal in this kind of work. They look for potential and prospective employees who fit the status of the job vacancy your company is offering. If you are a job seeker, you should check out some of the recruitment agencies in Accra, Ghana. They have a wide variety of employment opportunities. Some of the recruitment agencies in Ghana are highlighted below:

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JobHouse Recruitment agency

The recruitment agency is in Accra, Ghana. They are among the top legible recruitment agencies in Ghana. They offer a wide variety of job opportunities in all fields of interest. All job vacancies are highlighted on their website

They also tell you of all required details needed by the employer. You are also notified of new job vacancies on your phones and email once you subscribe to their channel. They have opened the gates for many of the Ghanaians in big posts.


Among the best recruitment agencies in Accra. The Hire Intelligence Recruitment are dedicated to providing high-quality human resource solutions to many companies. They have built their reputation over the years as a leader in recruitment services. All you have to do is avail them with all the requirements for the specific job vacancy and you are assured of positive feedback.

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They use the details you will provide them with to place an advert on their website so that job hunters can apply. They also offer charity by donating 10% of their yearly profit to non-governmental organizations that help the development of young teenagers.

List Of Recruitment Agencies in Ghana 2018

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Global Manpower Recruitment

They have been in operation for close to fifteen years. Hence they have the right experience in this job market. They specialize in offering professionals in all job vacancies. The applied candidates are also vetted to test their knowledge and suitability for the job vacancy.

They have a skilled staff who have experience in the job industry. They are committed to offering exemplary services to their clients and to prospective job seekers.

Topp Jobs Recruitment

They usually specify all the requirements that clients pass down to them. They are the solution to all your human resource inquiries. They have a face-to-face interview with the applied candidates to test their interview skills. You are assured that the candidates they will propose to you are of top-notch quality.

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Rakes Recruitment Company

They work hand in hand with both the client and the job seekers to offer the best service possible. They do not only offer the requirements of the client but also share their vision and strategy so that the job seekers can know what they are getting into. They tend to build an everlasting relationship between both the client and the job seeker.

List Of Recruitment Agencies in Ghana 2018

DAB Agency Ghana

They are specialized in offering employment opportunities for individuals in the health sector. They usually vet the candidates on behalf of the clients. They also test the candidates on their awareness of emerging issues on the health industry.

Job seekers are required to fill an application form on their website and subscribe to get notifications and alerts on job vacancies.

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