List of 2015 Adventure Films

List of 2015 Adventure Films

We all have an attraction to movies and series. Okay, even though not all of us, most of us. Different genres do it for us.

List of 2015 Adventure Films

Funny enough, scientists have tried to prove that some of these genres define our personalities. So what defines you? Definitely, if you are a mad adventure fan (as I am) then you are that outgoing guy, a go-getter. Let us trip back into the past, to view those adventure films that kept us rooted to our screens for hours on end for the year 2015.

For adventure movies to feature on the IMDb, they really must be great. This mostly does ratings of more than a 5/10(which is good) and is also a bestseller. The list of adventure films includes top movies, a good example the Mad Max: Fury Road that left everyone yearning for more. Surfing on the IMDb board, we shall see the adventure movies list with the highest ratings and votes.

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The Martian.

List of 2015 Adventure Films

This is an interesting story of an astronomer who gets left behind in Mars and had to find a way to signal his earth mates that he is still alive. The 144 min film got a stunning 8.0 stars with a perfect Metascore of 80.On its premiers; it did sell out low though at $228.43 million.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

( Pg. 13|136mins|Rating 8.0|Score 81)

List of 2015 Adventure Films

After the Empire’s defeat, the threat that rises against the First Order forces defector from the Stormtrooper, Finn, and Rey to look for the missing Luke Skywalker.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

(pg. 13|141mins|Rating 7.4|Score 66)

List of 2015 Adventure Films

Our resident superheroes save the world again after Bruce Banner (the Hulk) and Tony Stark(Ironman) try to revive the peacekeeping project Ultron and it goes horribly wrong.

Jurassic World

(pg13|124mins|Rating 7.0|Score 59)

List of 2015 Adventure Films

The perfect multi-genre movie is more of a sequel to the preceding Jurassic Park movies where the dinosaur created goes on to a killing spree.

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The Revenant

(R|156mins|Rating 8.0|Score 76)

List of 2015 Adventure Films

Guys here are on a hunting expedition when a bear mauls one of them and he is left behind to survive on his own. This fur trading expedition movie set in the 1820’s is definitely good.

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

(pg. 13|148mins|Rating 7.4|Score 7)

List of 2015 Adventure Films

Ethan and his IMF team take on the mission to stop the Syndicate who as rogue as they are is also trying to take down the IMF to make their business grow.

Bilal: A New Breed of Hero

(pg. 13|105mins|Rating 8.4|Score 52)

List of 2015 Adventure Films

A young boy and his sister are kidnapped and taken to a faraway land thousands of years ago. In their new world, Bilal is able to stand up against corruption and manages to change it. It is inspired by true events. Also, it is an animated story.

The Man from U.N.C.L.E

(pg. 13|116mins|Rating 73|Score 56)

List of 2015 Adventure Films

Set in the 1960’s, CIA Agent Napoleon and KGB operative Kuryakin fight a mysterious criminal organization that deals with nuclear weapons.

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The Hunger Games Mocking Jay: Part 2

(pg. 13|137mins|Rating 6.5|Score 65)

List of 2015 Adventure Films

Katniss Everdeen has to bring together an army against President Snow as the war in Panem heightens to other districts all while she tries to balance against the dear hangs.

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Hardcore Henry

(R|96mins|Rating 6.7|Score 51)

List of 2015 Adventure Films

Henry is brought to life with zero memory but must save his alleged wife from an army of robot soldiers.


(99mins|Rating 6.1)

List of 2015 Adventure Films

Griswold takes his family back to Walley World to recollect himself and his sons while also spicing things up.

Bone Tomahawk

(132mins|Rating 7.1)

List of 2015 Adventure Films

Four men are out to rescue people from cannibalistic cave dwellers.


(111mins|Rating 5.1)

List of 2015 Adventure Films

Peter goes into the magical world of Neverland full of adventure and danger and emerges the hero famously known as Peter Pan.

A Walk in The Woods

(143mins|Rating 6.3)

List of 2015 Adventure Films

Bill Bryson returns to the US and decides to hike the Appalachians to know how connect better with his homeland.

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(130mins|Rating 6.5)

List of 2015 Adventure Films

Two boys with a shared destiny try to uncover the time and space somewhere in their memory.

The Good Dinosaur

(93mins|Rating 6.7)

List of 2015 Adventure Films

In a world where dinosaurs and humans co-exist, Arlo a dinosaur makes an unlikely human friend.

In the Heart of The Sea

(122mins|Rating 6.9)

List of 2015 Adventure Films

A huge whale sinks a large ship and is inspired by the 1820 novel by Moby.

Hitman: Agent 47

(96mins|Rating 5.7)

List of 2015 Adventure Films

An assassin teams up with a woman to help find her father and uncover her past mysteries.


(91mins|Rating 6.4)

Minions are recruited to take over the world by villain Overkill.

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Those some of just but the many adventure films that premiered in the year 2015.This is only a fraction however because in total more than 520 movies came out. Adventure films top the list of numerous votes on the IMDb board since maybe they are the most loved worldwide.

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The adventure movies top 10 feature those with a rating of above an 8 with at least a score of above 70.Definitely, movies like Mad Max take the tops. They are not quite arranged in their value order but they do have their ratings, scores and premier garnering. It is to be noted well that in the adventure movies collection consists of multi-genre movies with another being also the thriller, sci-fi and so on.

If you haven’t watched them, what are you waiting for?

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