African wear styles: Trending in 2020 (photos)

African wear styles: Trending in 2020 (photos)

For quite a long time, Africa has been lagging in most issues including fashion. However, with the advent of internet, information has been spread to great places, opening up African countries including Ghana. Through this, Ghana’s fashion sector has opened up and designers produced creative African wear for Ghanaians and the world at large. Ghana’s designs have made a name for themselves in the world fashion scene with their unique patterned print. The largest beneficiary of these designs is the Ghanaian woman as seen in the latest African wear styles for ladies in Ghana. It however has a striking resemblance to Nigerians dressing style. If you are not keen on details, it is almost impossible to tell the difference. This has brought about competition and consistent production of unique designs in the latest African wear styles.

Latest African Wear Styles in Ghana 2017-2018

In the latest African wear styles, both Ghanaian men and women have been equally represented. Designers have creatively combined Ghanaian traditional fabric with modern fabrics to bring out top quality dresses for the modern Ghanaian woman in the market. For men, quality African prints have been created to fit both the masculine body of the typical African man and the smaller bodied men.

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African wear styles for ladies

Getting the right dress for an event is the first step to impress. African wear has been styled to meet the different needs of an African woman. There are office African wear, weekend African dresses, and even a corporate event clad for the modern African woman.

Office women wear

There are a number of latest African dresses styles that can be worn to an office by a Ghanaian woman. A knee length dress made from quality African fabric kaba or Ankara, with a good pattern will give you a sophisticated look that fits your position. This however, should be properly accessorized to complement your body nicely. A full suit made from good quality African print made a nice office wear for most Ghanaian women. Most of these designs came with a pair of shorts or pants made from the same print as the coat with a contrasting blouse made from a different fabric.

Latest African Wear Styles in Ghana- office wear

Church women wear

African wear styles for church have never been limiting. With a nice sundress made from colorful African print, Ankara, you can rock your way into the church without compromising on your morals and your taste for fashion.

African wear styles for guys

Latest African Wear Styles in Ghana- men's wear

In these African wear styles, guys have not been left behind, with most designers coming with great fashion pieces for men. African wear styles for guys in Ghana can serve as a benchmark for this, with African print suits, Ankara print shorts and trousers being worn by most men. Some designers have also taken it a notch higher and produced Ankara shoes with some being a combination of African fabric and leather, thus creating a classy look. Depending on your need, you can combine African print for men in any pattern for a given event.

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African wear styles for couples

Latest African Wear Styles in Ghana- Couples wear

If you are a creative, the right African wear for couples in Ghana might just be your greatest from of expression towards your loved one. Getting matching outfit made of native Ghanaian fabric for both of you will give you a sense of elegance and appreciation to one another. You can also choose to do separate outfits of African wear style but with a part that is of similar native Ghanaian fabric.

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