Best happy Valentine Day message for friends 2019

Best happy Valentine Day message for friends 2019

Traditionally reserved for romantic love, its allowed to use Valentine’s Day to celebrate the strong family and friendship bonds that are incomparable. Your family members are the first people that taught you what love means while friends looked beyond their own families and loved you. They deserve a happy Valentine message from you.

Best happy Valentine Day message for friends 2019

By sending the perfect Happy Valentine’s Day Wishes for your family members, you show how grateful you are for these people that will always stick with you. The role friends play can be filled by neither family nor lovers. It’s unique and most times blurs the line between friendship and family. Friends are people who never judge us, with whom we get into trouble, share pain and joy. Friends and family love is unconditional. Here are various ways to wish our favorite persons happy valentines.

Happy Valentine’s Day message to family

  • Happy Valentine’s Day to My Amazing Parents. You make love look so easy. I’m glad to be the daughter of two people who’ve always been so in love.
  • For My Sweet Daughter Happy Valentine’s Day! You have the most courageous heart and loving spirit of anyone I know. I am so lucky to be your mom-you make my heart overflow with love.
  • Valentine’s Day is not just for lovers, it is for celebrating it with the people whom you love. Expressing my heartfelt love to the people who are my life. Happy Valentine to the best family.
  • I wish my friends and family a happy valentine’s day. I hope the day brings much cherished moments you have spent with your loved ones for a superb celebration.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day to My Son. Sending you all my love and plenty of hugs! You really are the sweetest son a mother could ask for!

With these simple happy valentine day messages, you will be amazed how your family will remember them for many days to come.

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Best happy Valentine Day message for friends 2019

Happy Valentine Day message to friends

More like the happy Valentine’s Day message to family, friends will surprisingly find these messages powerful. In our day-to-day activities, we do so much with friends yet forget to remind them how much they mean to us. Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to tell your bestie that she means the world to you. Here are a few happy valentine day message to friends for the people that light up your world.

  • When you want to talk, I will hold your hand and listen to you. When you want to cry, I will lend you my shoulder. When you want to run away, I will run with you. Coz’ no other world can be half the fun, as my world is with you in it. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Valentine’s Day is great days to let those you love know how special they are. I want to let you know that you are a special friend.
  • The cute bond of our friendship isn’t measured by the number of gifts, Facebook likes or text messages. It is measured by the number of hugs, smiles and winks. I love you tons. Happy Valentine’s Day friend!
  • Who said Valentine’s Day should only be for couples? Here’s a special wish for a special person in my life who has showered me with love, trust, admiration and never-ending support. Happy Valentine’s Day my friend. I am in love with the bond of friendship that we share. Happy Valentine’s Day to the dearest and nearest friend in my life!
  • Just imagine how amazing a bowl of hot chicken soup feels when you are suffering from cold. That is how I feel when I spend time with you. Happy Valentine day bestie!

Happy Valentine’s Day messages to family and friends affirm that Love is of different types and doesn’t end up with the love of your life. It means so much having like-minded people around who love you for what you are, which is what friends and family are for. To these people we are incredibly indebted to, we at least owe a sweet genuine valentine message.

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