Nzulezu Village Tourist Site Review

Nzulezu Village Tourist Site Review

In case you are looking for the perfect getaway trip, then Nzulezu is the perfect place you need to be. Nzulezu translated to English means ‘surface of water.’ You have probably heard around that it’s the best tourist attraction site in the whole of Ghana due to its awesome location.

Nzulezu Village Tourist Site Review

Many know it due to the fact that its built-on Lake Tadane. So where is Nzulezu located in Ghana?

The location of Nzulezu is near the village of Beyin, at an estimated distance of about 90 kilometers west of Tokoadi, in the Western Region of Ghana. It is ranked among the top 25 beaches in Africa due to its serene nature and beautiful ambiance.

Nzulezu Facts

The unique feature that makes it a sought-after destination is that the Nzulezu village is on stilts placed above a lagoon. The over 400-year stilt is a perfect description of man harmonizing well with the environment to bring up a beautiful scenery. The village has been segmented into two parts where one includes the living areas of the residents and tourists which are the Nzulezu hotels while the other side includes schools, market areas and a community center.

Nzulezu Village Tourist Site Review

It’s a perfect treat for couples and families who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The place has no connection to modern life necessities such as electricity. The people observe traditional norms and taboos. They are deeply rooted in their culture and visiting tourists are usually intrigued by the way of life of the people.

There are many fun activities that you can engage in. You can go swimming, diving, boat riding and even sight-seeing. The serene environment around is perfect for relaxing and calming your mind. The place is synonymous for hosting couples who are in their honeymoon.

Nzulezu Village Tourist Site Review

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There are many hotels in Nzulezu. The hotel usually offers a range of affordable rooms for visiting tourists. The hotels in Nzulezu also offer tour guides who take tourists on a trip round the beautiful scenery of Nzulezu. The place has other attractions such as the Ankasa Nature Reserve which has one of the few rainforests in Ghana which receive the highest rainfall. It also hosts a variety of wild animals such as crocodiles, turtles and different species of fish.

Nzulezu Village Tourist Site Review

Once you have booked at the Nzulezu beach resort, you can organize for a trip to Fort Apollonia which was built during the colonial areas. The unique ambiance of the place makes it’s a necessity for people who like going on adventures.

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