Gospel songs in Ghana: Best in 2021 (videos)

Gospel songs in Ghana: Best in 2021 (videos)

For a song to gain massive attention and visibility in Ghana, several churches must relate to it. Top trending latest gospel songs in Ghana 2021 are songs you will hear in several churches’ playlist on the same Sunday morning. It’s from here that it sprouts. The latest gospel songs in Ghana have everyone singing along across the denominations. It’s a universal language of praise with beautiful harmonies that are a gift to the ears.

Latest gospel songs

The gospel industry is booming lately, with some older secular musicians switching into this genre. The latest gospel songs Ghana is a combination of different styles and rhythms. Just like most gospel styles, it fuses musical elements from reggae, indigenous music and other contemporary beats to produce a single gospel song.

Classification of latest Ghanaian gospel songs

Different musicians produce different songs, all carrying one message; gospel lyrics. The various styles of gospel songs 2017 are subdivided into the following groups;

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Done with a touch of a traditional folk song, this style uses wooden and string instruments to support the main vocalized melody.


This represents the latest gospel songs. Bridging several genres. Contemporary gospel music can either be praise or worship songs. Notably, the tempo is the only distinctive factor between the two. Worship songs have slow rhythm and are emotional, characterized by swaying of the body dancing in slow motion and raising hands. On the other hand, praise songs are marked by dancing and clapping of hands.

Whichever the style, gospel music carries the same message of either praise, worship, pleas to God or quoting bible verses and advising people on Christian living.

List of the latest gospel songs in Ghana

Jumbled up, the list consists of the latest gospel songs in Ghana irrespective of the music style.

Diana Hamilton ''ADOM (Grace)''

Paul expresses his dependence on the Lord when he writes about the thorn in his flesh. Three times he pleaded with the Lord to take it away. But God said to him, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness’ (2 Corinthians 12:9). His grace is not only amazing, it is ‘sufficient’. It is enough. His grace is all we need in these times of bewilderment and uncertainty.

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Akesse Brempong - Blessed ft Joe Mettle

Proverbs 10:22 (KJV). The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it.

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Diana Hamilton W'ASEM (Your Word)

If there was ever a time that humanity needed the word of God it’s now. This song points us to the fact that the word of God is life and it’s the absolute Truth. It also reminds us that the Lord watches over His word to perform and what He says is what matters. In your fears let His word speak to you and let it give you boldness. In your worries and anxieties, speak His Word and let it re-assure you. His WORD is all you need to calm every storm. Recorded live at DH Experience 2020 held at Calvary Temple, Accra, Ghana.

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Cindy Thompson - Awurade Kasa

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Joyce Blessing - YENDANASE

A thanks giving song by Joyce Blessing off her upcoming Album 'ASESA' which talks about the goodness of God.

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Medi Wakyi – Brother Yaw

Formerly a secular musician, Brother Yaw echoes the message that anyone who wishes to minister the gospel should deny himself, take up his cross and follow Jesus. Speaking to Christians that wish to actively take part in the ministry of God, It has 6056 views on YouTube.

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Otease (Redeemer Liveth) – Obiba

In collaboration with Rama, Obiba did this song right after the Ghana + Peace campaign tour. Otease is a praise song that assures Christians that they can always defeat the devil as their Lord endures forever.

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The sinner’s prayer – Bra Collins

Bra Collins intends to lead others to Christ by leading this redemption prayer. It’s a very inspirational song. This rap prayer song can be found on YouTube through Collins got born again and used his life as an example of what Christ can do.

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Yensuro Obiaa – Malonzy

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Malonzy did this very powerful song meaning ‘Because God is with us, we shall fear no evil ‘ it’s a song every Christian needs to listen to in times of trials and tribulations. Malonzy style of music aims at producing hits that are embraced by the Christian youths without compromising on the message contained therein.

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We live to worship - Emmanuel Gyamfi

We live to worship is a spirit filled song that teaches on the right process of worship. A fiery song, the UK based Ghana musician must have been inspired in its writing and production.

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Onaapo Attention – Nacee

A dance and praise song, it was released by Nacee himself.

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Going higher – Abena Ruthy

This is a praise song of thanksgiving for the good deeds the Lord has done.

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The gospel music industry in Ghana gets flooded day by day. While some people could be in it for the money, most gospel singers have a calling to spread the gospel through songs. As we embrace the changes in the latest music releases, we have to listen and leave the singers intentions to the Lord.

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