NSS registration 2020: explaining the details

NSS registration 2020: explaining the details

Ghana is one of the fastest growing third world countries in Africa and in the world at large. Despite its fast growth rate, the country is still struggling with unemployment issues. For these reasons Ghana as a nation founded the NSS the National Service Scheme in 1973 to oversee all the issues of all graduates coming out of universities each year. Our article below briefly explains how one can join the service and will be very handy to all interested graduates.

NSS registration 2017/2018

In most nations, Ghana included, the number of students coming out of universities is increasing gradually by the day. While this is a good sign for any developing country regarding its literacy levels, it has its drawbacks the biggest one being high rates of unemployment. To curb this and the many negative effects of having a population of highly qualified but unemployed youths, Ghana resolved to create NSS. NSS is a parastatal that is tasked with creating one-year opportunities for students who've come out of tertiary institutions. According to the Ghanaian constitution, it is mandatory for any student who has graduated from a tertiary institution to go through the institution. Therefore if you are planning to enrol or you have a child who’s yet to undergo through the system, the following is a guide on how to register and be part of the institution.

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NSS registration 2020

NSS registration is a yearly thing. Going by the country’s constitution, an individual is only allowed up to a year, and then the next batch of candidates is taken.

Since it is essential to understand the NSS registration procedure, you also need to be keen when with the NSS registration closing date. Here is a step by steps registration procedure.

NSS registration 2017/2018

NSS registration procedure

When it comes to NSS registration procedure the good news is that you don’t have to stress yourself out. With the registration process now online, all you need to have is the necessary documents and some computer knowledge and you are good to go. Once you have these, the following are the steps you ought to follow.

NSS registration 2017/2018

Step one: Enrollment PIN

The first and most crucial level when it comes to your NSS registration is the enrollment PIN. NSS secretariat is the body mandated with the responsibility of generating the enrollment PINs. Usually, these PINs are your respective year class checklist that always is generated by your institution. Once you have registered your enrollment PINs, you will check and collect your PINs at your institution’s Dean of student’s office or student’s affairs office according to your institution every February or March of the service year.

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Step Two: Payment of Processing Fees

Once you’ve gotten your PIN the second step, you need to go to any Agricultural Development Bank (ADB bank) in Ghana to make the payments. Currently, the processing fee that you need to pay to access NSS online registration form is set at 40 Ghana Cedis. It is important to note that these fees are always mandatory.

NSS registration 2017/2018

Step Three: Online Enrollment

Arguably, the backload of the NSS registration procedure always rests at this point. Immediately your payment is done, log on to NSS official website www.nss.gov.gh. Once here access the online registration form and provide all the necessary details required for your posting ad click on submit after you are done. At the end of the process, you will be required to download/ print a receipt that contains an NSS alphanumeric code that is unique to everybody which will be used to identify your though out the process.

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Step Four: Deployment/ NSS posting registration

This step is simple and only involves applying for deployment. Once you are through, be on the lookout with news on the website and other announcements for possible posting before the end of June.

Step Five: Posting Confirmation

NSS posting registration is followed closely by posting confirmation. There are two ways to go about this. Either check your posting by sending a short SMS to a code to be provided later by the secretariat, or you can check your posting by keying in your unique and secure. All the two options are swift and will show the posting on the display screen almost immediately.

Step Six: Appointment Letter

An appointment letter is a grey of hope that your process is near completion. Once you’ve checked your application letter print at least three copies of the letter before starting the process.

Step Seven: Report to your regional office

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With the printed application letter at hand, proceed to your local offices where you have been deployed and familiarise with the officials. Note also that you can always get the contact of the regional offices where you have been deployed through the official website under the Contact Us Menu. After this you also need to report to your supervising agency, file your letter with the NSS district offices and then back to your supervising agency to commence the work.

Step Eight: Report

This is the final process of NSS registration. You need to fill and submit monthly reports to the district NSS office backed up by the endorsement of your supervisor. The records are not only important when it comes to facilitating your allowances, but they also help assess the quality of your work.

The NSS registration process couldn’t get any simpler than this. If you are interested or have a potential candidate then its high time you start scouting for the NSS registration form 2018. Follow the above eight steps and grow your profession through the NSS program.

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